Kayseri Transportation announced an announcement for forgotten items

In the inner journey, the thoughtfulness and forgetfulness reached the stage. We have forgotten a lot of things from tram to nose spray to stockings, clothes to insulin needles, to coat to clothes

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Kayseri Transportation Inc., the owner of the forgotten goods on the tram to find the announcement of the Internet. The announcement gave information about the lost items and the places where the items were found.

Forgotten in the tram is more preferred in urban transportation goods waiting for their owners. Kayseri Transportation Inc. found an interesting method to reach the citizens who forgot their belongings in the tram.

Kayseri Transportation Inc. information about the items forgotten from the internet site, the history of the missing goods and places shared information about the tram.

Forgotten items are shared one by one in the announcement, the most clothes are attracted attention.

So what is the difference between the 21 2016 October XNUMX and the objects that have been forgotten by the citizens on the tram journey.

The number of women's outfits is very noticeable. Especially in the bag of a store that is forgotten, the most preferred by the citizen in the shop gives the issue of how the store.

nasal spray, sunglasses, leather coats, slippers, beanie, ID card, vest, pharmacy bib, sweatpants are also among the forgotten items.

It is also a separate detail to forget the picture pen, dry paint pencils, ladies 'handbag, knitted ladies' hat, children's lunch box, passport, credit card as well as insulin pen needle for diabetes or diabetic patients.

What else have we forgotten? Here are the things; Binoculars, socks, cosmetic product, money, book, 12 pieces 99 rosary, sneakers, baggy bag, collection receipt, toy gun, mug shot, child blanket, passolig card, car key, fabric, umbrella, cigarette, shoe box inside silicone gun, perfume among forgotten cottages.

Authorities, the goods in the tram or on the bus may have been lost by forgetting to apply for the application, before the application 'http://www.kayseriulasim.com/kayipesyalar.aspx' they wanted to have control.

Source : http://www.muhbirhaber.com

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