Channel will be the artificial artificial island out of Istanbul

The canal will be an artificial island out of Istanbul: Istanbul's crazy project is planned to be built on the Black Sea and the Marmara outskirts with the excavation soil from Kanal Istanbul.

The Kanal Istanbul project, which is planned to be auctioned this year, is also a source of inspiration for new projects in Istanbul. According to the news of Habertürk'den Deniz Cicek, the construction of the canal 2.7 billion cubic meters to be removed during the construction of artificial islands is planned. The project will start in this area, the islands, the channel will be made at the exit points of Marmara and Black Sea.

Fund channel construction

On the islands that will be constructed with the excavation soil from Kanal Istanbul, income-generating projects will be made to finance the channel and these projects will be on the agenda. However, it is stated that not every land in the canal construction will be suitable for the island. Therefore, it is planned to make the soil to be treated according to the chemical values ​​and to separate the soils with acid and metal density. Seismic movements and sea depth will be taken into account when determining the location of the islands.

Each will be given a separate name

After the fortification to be made by bringing rocks from the quarries to the islands, the excavation soil of Kanal Istanbul will be poured into the middle of the rocks. In addition to recreation areas on the islands, income generating projects will be made. Although the projects on the islands are not yet clear, the authorities said, ad There will be life on the islands. Could be restaurants. There are examples of this in the world. Dün Sea traffic to these islands. There will be ports and berths on canals and islands.

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