Istanbul is Connected by Underground Tunnel

Istanbul is connected underground by tunnel: Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has announced that they have started to work on the new alternative transportation route of about 140 kilometers with tunnels, connection roads, intersections and bridges from Büyükçekmece to Sarıyer.

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, announced the tunnel transportation system that will disrupt the memorization of the Pendik-Tavşantepe Metro Line. Topbas said, ”We will create a new alternative transportation axis about 140 kilometers below the ground. Top

Stating that they are working for a tunnel system that will be a revolution for Istanbul highway transportation, Mayor Topbaş said lar Istanbul is becoming one of the few cities in the world in public transportation. Now we are preparing to take an important step in highway transportation. We are now approaching the manufacturing stage for the Istanbul tunnel transportation system. We are taking a revolutionary step in highway transportation, Karayolu he said.

Six of the earth will be connected by tunnels

A new alternative transportation axis to Istanbul kazanTopbaş, who stated that they will continue, continued his statement as follows; “We are taking steps to connect tunnels and underground. We are opening a brand new route of 140 kilometers from Büyükçekmece to Kağıthane and from there to Sarıyer, with tunnels, junctions and connection roads. A new alternative transport axis kazanwe are eating. Likewise, with our tunnels that will extend from Harem to Küçüksu, from Yenisahra to Bostancı on the Anatolian side, we are preparing to break the ground in Istanbul's road transportation. We have the power, the opportunity, the confidence, the belief to do this. We are full of pride and excitement to be taking such great steps under the leadership of our President.”

Kağıthane-Piyalepaşa Bomonti-Dolmabahçe Çayirbaşı-Sarıyer tunnels, which were put into service in recent years, use an average of 150 thousand drivers per day. 45 takes you to 5 minutes. The tunnels will also provide significant reductions in emission values. Kasımpaşa Sütlüce tunnel, whose construction is completed, will be put into service in the coming days.

Tunnels under construction: Dolmabahçe - Levazım

Tunnels to be built: Levazım - Armutlu, Armutlu-Cendere Road, Cendere Road-Ayazağa, Ayazağa-Çayırbaşı, Sarıyer-Kilyos, Kağıthane-Gaziosmanpaşa-Eyüp-İst. Cd., Gop- Eyüp (İst. Cd.) B.Paşa- Esenler-Hal Kav., Bayrampaşa - Esenler, Gürgören Esenler Cincin, Bağcılar - Olympic road K. Çekmece, Bahçelievler (Olympic road) K.Çekmece, Küçükçekmece Go to lake Bridges, Avcılar -Esenyurt- Haramidere, Esenyurt- Tüyap- Büyükçekmece, Silahtarağa Cd.-Gop Cd, Eyüp, Unkapanı Kasımpaşa Underwater Tunnel, Halkalı-Temapark.

Tunnels in which project works are continuing: Harem-Beylerbeyi, Beylerbeyi-Çengelköy, Çengelköy-Küçüksu, Yenisahra - Bostancı, Bostancı-Küçükyalı, Kavacık-Çubuklu, Davutpaşa-Samatya, Unkapanı-Samatya, Merter-Kazlıçeşme, Levazım-Zincirlidere, Ortaköy-Kuruçeşme, KadıköyThe -Kuşdil.

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