İDO, Eskihisar -Topçular car ferry boat has made a big discount


IDO, Eskihisar -Topçular Car Ferry Service has made a big discount: the price of the crossing Osmangazi Bridge 88.75 TL 65 TL 65 landed penny. In response to this, IDO made a discount of 25 to the gulf transit fees.

İDO has reduced tolls in the Eskihisar-Topçular line following a discount on Osmangazi Bridge toll.

The Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Motorway's Gebze-Orhangazi section and the Osmangazi Bridge from the General Directorate of Highways explained that a new arrangement has been made for tolls and that the toll rates of the Osmangazi Bridge have been reduced by 20 at an average rate of 26. He explained. According to this, Osmangazi Bridge toll was determined as 65.65 TL for cars.

The IDO, which did not remain silent to this reduction, also took action and went down to 25 on the Eskihisar - Topçcular line.

1 January 2017 has begun discounted transitions. One way fee for car and passenger car was determined as 45 TL at Eskihisar - Topçular line. In the same category, when the return ticket is preferred, the fee is applied as 80 TL.

The new price list is as follows:

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