Malatya Governor Toprak Gives High Speed ​​Train Message During His Visit to TCDD

Governor of Malatya Toprak gave a High Speed ​​Train Message in his Visit to TCDD: Governor Mustafa Toprak, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, came to Malatya on Friday, 86 February 13, to connect the south of our city and the southern provinces to Anatolia, 1931 years ago. He has visited the Railway Operations Directorate, which has been serving Malatyalı and its cities.

TCDD 5 with today's name. District Regional Director of the Governor of the District Region Director Uzeyir Ülker and Regional Directorate was met by officials and staff.

Regional Directorate of the exhibition hall created in the model of the locomotives and wagons by examining the Regional Director of the information received from the information about the martyrs in the same area of ​​the railway martyrs took photographs of the martyrs examined the board prayed for martyrs who were victims of terrorism.

Governor Toprak, who is continuing his activities, investments and information on new projects from Regional Director Ülker stated that our country has made great progress in recent years in the field of transportation and in this field and expressed the hope that High Speed ​​Train project will be realized in our city as soon as possible.

Governor Land, the progress of our country's rail transportation in recent years, our city and for our country wishes to be auspicious and the Regional Manager, wishing success to all railway employees before leaving the Regional Directorate.

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