Gebze Metro Route and Stations

gebze darica metro vehicle purchase tender result
gebze darica metro vehicle purchase tender result

The routes and stations of the Gebze Metro have been announced: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has taken the first concrete step on the metro, which became compulsory for the future of the city.

The route for Gebze Metro was determined. A large foreign consortium started the project works for Gebze Metro.

The line will provide the transit of Marmaray suburban trains to Istanbul at Gebze Train Station, together with YHT and intercity trains. Due to Gebze and Darica district of Kocaeli's subway system will be the first subway network outside the city center in Turkey.

Gebze Metro Stations

The first metro in Kocaeli will be built between Darıca beach and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB). The length of the metro planned as a double line is 14.6 km. There will be 12 stations on this route.

  1. Darica Beach
  2. Farabi State Hospital
  3. TCDD
  4. Fatih State Hospital
  5. Gebze Center
  6. Gebze Municipality- Akse Turnout
  7. veterans
  8. Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone
  9. GOSB
  10. Slime industry
  11. Mollafenari Turnout
  12. Mollafenari Village

4800 passengers will be transported per hour

Currently, Gebze's situation is worse than Izmit in terms of transportation problem in our province. In Gebze, which is crowded very fast, the metro has become inevitable. The first subway system of our city between Darıca and GOSB will also be connected with Marmaray. The system is planned to serve 4800 passengers per day.

While Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started the project works for Gebze Metro, the Ministry of Transport continues to undertake this very large project. Metro investments in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Konya were made by the Ministry from the general budget. Most likely, the project will be completed by the end of this year, the tender will be launched and the major project will be built by the Ministry.

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