Publicman Joe Biden handed over the mission, returning home by train

People's man Joe Biden took over, returned home by train: After working with Obama for 8 years, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden returned from Washington to his home in Delaware state by train. Joe Biden is known in the United States as the "man of the people".

Following the handover at the White House, former US Vice President Joe Biden returned home by train.

Biden, who often travels by train and is therefore known as Amtrak Joe, returned to his home in Delaware state by train on the day his duty in Washington ended.

During his time as a senator, Biden traveled regularly to Washington, DC, and did not break the tradition, and returned home to his home in the state of Delaware on the day his office was over.

Biden's name was given to a train station in New York, as he takes Amtrak, the name of the American railways company, who travels frequently by train.

Speaking on the subject, Biden said, "On the way home, I wanted to return as I came here."

It is estimated that Biden took the train 8 times at the station in Washington during his tenure.



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