The first freight train from China to London has reached London

The first freight train from China to England reached London: the railway China built to increase trade between Europe and Asia was being used. It is reported that the first freight train from China to England arrived in London.

It took 1 days for the train to depart from China on January 2017, 18. It is stated that the train passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

Within a very short time, 'New Silk Road' project was observed to be advantageous. In the first week after the project was officially launched, the 1881 freight train started to go to Europe. The 12 shipping companies didn't scare a thousand kilometers.

It is reported that the transportation of the cargo by train takes almost 3 times faster, 30 days less time than sea transportation, and the cost is 5 times cheaper than air transportation, while small household goods, clothes and other textile materials reach the UK. It was announced that he carried.

One of the biggest projects of China in the 21 century, the 'New Silk Road' with billions of dollars of infrastructure, the 16 39 is connected to the European city of 15 via the route.

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