Erciyes Cup Excitement at Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes Cup Excitement at Erciyes Ski Center: Erciyes Ski Center hosts Erciyes Cup, where international skiers will compete.

Turkey's best technical facilities and its own ski resort, which hosted many international tournaments Erciyes Ski Center, which will be held in January 07 08 2017-date Erciyes Cup tournament are athletes with many domestic and foreign guests and the kayaksever.

The male and female categories, Luxembourg, Turkey, Pakistan, and also in countries such as Albania, including the participation of professional skiers on the xnumx'n found Erciyes Cup, will be held at the Erciyes Ski Center Pilgrims door track. The scores of the athletes in this breathtaking tournament where the big slalom races will take place are of great importance on the way to the International Olympics. Turkey's Erciyes Ski Center in the Alps location, proximity to Istanbul 50 hours and the Kayseri city with easy transport and accommodation facilities provided by the center, the weekend is creating a different alternative for those who want to convert to an enjoyable event.
With its state-of-the-art ropeway system, 102 km-long 34 ski runway and 25 racetrack safety team, Erciyes Ski Center is home to big tournaments as well as for families and anyone interested in skiing.

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