Construction in Doha Metro

A Mountain Engineer in Doha Metro Construction: Name Mehmet Ali Yılmaz. He is the youngest son of Metin Tekin Yilmaz, who is the MHP Keles candidate for 2014. It is also possible to introduce him as the son of Mustafa Bektaş, the general manager of Besaş and Tarım A.Ş.
In Keles Kocayayla, he planned a wedding according to the Yoruk-Turkmen traditions, but everything changed when the coup attempt took place on the henna night.
Mehmet Ali Yilmaz, who is a mechanical engineer in the junior category under the middle age belt, has previously been involved in important projects in Russia and Algeria.
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2022 has been working in Doha, the capital of Qatar, which started its preparations as a host for the World Cup.
He works as a mechanical field engineer in the consortium that undertakes the construction of the largest and most important line of the Doha Metro, called the golden line.
They make a two-way 40 kilometer tunnel, all under the desert. The 4 will find the mileage when the total length of the subway consisting of the 200 line is over. The project will again be the underground 100 station.
He was excited to describe his work as a young mechanical engineer, who had grown up from the mountain and built a tunnel in the Doha desert.
Or Our consortium is named ALYSJ-JV. Greek and Indian firms have with Yapi Merkezi from Turkey and STFA. I'm in the Building Center. Merkezi
At the moment he worked at the station, 3 emphasized that they are Turkish and the other employees are Indian, British and Greek.
He went to the mountain and explained the project:
Or Qatar is currently preparing for the 2022 World Football Cup. But the main target is 2030. Because 2030 is the target year for Qatar's vision projects. Çünkü
That's why…
In spite of the apparent World Cup preparation, he said the project objectives were the main 2030. For the gold line they work, he said, e 4.5 is the project where the biggest tender for the Doha subway at one billion dollars was made at once gold.
According to the contract Söz
Kelesli Mehmet Ali Yilmaz as a mechanical field engineer in the tunnels and stations in the gold line of the metron 2018 will be completed and delivered.
Metro operations in Doha will continue at full speed until 2030.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I



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