Denial to the news from IETT

Denial of the news from IETT to the date: The need to make a statement to the public about the news in the media, the affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which provides public service, arose. It is the responsibility of IETT to the people, stakeholders and personnel of Istanbul to correct the comments that IETT, which expresses a 146-year-old culture in Istanbul, has withdrawn from business and privatized in public transportation and the misunderstandings that may arise from these.

It is a public information that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been working on increasing the service quality of public transportation in Istanbul for a long time and it is known to everyone who is interested in the subject.

Within the scope of this study, one-stop planning, co-ordination and supervision of public transportation is foreseen. With the vision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the experience and accumulation of IETT, which has been operating in the public transportation in Istanbul for 146 years, a roadmap has been drawn up in order to create a structure oriented towards this goal. This modern system, which aims to increase passenger comfort and safety, and to provide human resource and line optimization, is an integrated transportation plan that not only regulates the operation of buses but also all public transportation elements. The study, which examines examples from the world, continues to establish a model at international standards in Istanbul.

Metrobus, tunnels and tram projected to continue İETT management, planning, coordination, focusing on auditing and consulting functions, in Turkey and in the world in this way is intended to do consultancy to other public transport authority. IETT is not a söz history olarak but on the contrary it should be strengthened and positioned as a top institution in the center of public transportation. As a matter of fact, IETT, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is obliged to execute every task assigned to it in the best way due to respect for its history, responsibility, the institution and the people it serves.

We leave our concern and grief to the respect of our respectable people for the purpose of giving information about the ongoing works and in good faith for the presentation of a presentation to a commission of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the public with a very different, biased and narrow perspective.



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