Countdown at Bursa Yunuseli Airport

Yunuseli Airport countdown: After the opening of Yenişehir Airport, Yunuseli Airport, which was closed in 2001, was completed in the frantic efforts to open air transportation again. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, air transportation 1 February on Wednesday, Bursa Gemlik - Istanbul Golden Horn will begin with the flight at the Yunuseli Airport, the final preparations were examined. President Altepe, already 60 near the aircraft owner's application to take advantage of Yunuseli Airport, said that next year, the 100 airplane landing on the airport will make a great contribution to the Yunuseli Airport will also contribute to the city economy, he said.

With the aim of Bursa to be a prominent city in the aviation sector, the establishment of an aeronautical and space division within the Science Technology Center, the opening of a department related to aviation in the university, and the production of domestic aircraft, metropolitan municipality. came to an end in the work. Although the protocols signed in previous years were suspended due to various reasons, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality decided to start the flights from Yunuseli Airport in February after the approval of General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Thus, after the opening of Yenişehir Airport, Yunuseli Airport, which was closed in 6 and remained idle until today, will be used again. From Gemlik to Golden Horn and from Burulaş airplanes, which have landed on land, 1 will depart from Yunuseli Airport as of February Wednesday and descend to the Golden Horn.

Final preparations
Gemlik - two of the planes taking the place in Yunuseli Airport between the Golden Horn already taking the last preparations in the field is feverishly. BUSKİ teams completed the infrastructure work, the work at the domestic terminal terminal came to the final stage. As the paving works in the area continue, the airport 1 will be available on Wednesday, February at the 14.00. Mayor Recep Altepe, together with his staff at Yunuseli Airport examined the work on site. Altepe, who made all the shortcomings for the flight and that the last arrangements were made, emphasized that the Halic flights from Gemlik will be made from Yunuseli Metropolitan Airport on Wednesday.

Demand is on the rise
Approximately 1400 meter-long runway with the airport's small and private planes landing and take-off voicing President Altepe, Burulaş'a landed by the property of the stroke of the 4 seaplane will no longer get up from Yunuseli. Expressing that there is an intense demand for Yunuseli Airport, President Altepe said: a The aircraft owner who is already close to 60 has applied to use the Yunuseli Airport. So next year, on the 100 of the Yunuseli Airport will be a center where the aircraft take off. Istanbul Haliç flights in the first place, in summer, Izmir, Bodrum and holiday destinations according to the demand will be made from here. All kinds of civil aviation activities will take place here. This will also make a significant contribution to the city economy. An alternative transportation facility is provided for the business world. Our domestic terminal will be finished to complete our preparations. Our Yunuseli Metropolitan Airport will already be good for Bursa alan.

The journey to be made between Yunuseli and the Golden Horn every day during the week will take 25 minutes. Airplane departure times will be 08.45 and 14.45 from Yunuseli and 09.45 and 15.45 from Haliç.

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