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Great Support Coming to Istanbul Channel: SACE CEO Alessandro Decio, in 2017 400 million euros in trade between Turkey and Italy reported that they intended to reach over credit volume. SACE is Italy's export credit agency. SACE state of the portfolio in Turkey is ready to express as one of the three priority markets. The other 3 countries are Arab countries and Brazil. SACE, Alessandro Decio top manager expressed that they work for the progress and expansion of trade relations and investment relations with Turkey, said 2 trading volume of loans they aimed to reach around 2017 million euros.

Alessandro Decio, the volume of insurance activities in Turkey, saying that around 2,8 million euros, said that they are positive to evaluate opportunities in Turkey. Describing its growth plans, Decio stated that a loan guarantee of 2015 million Euros was given in 400, a volume of 2016 million Euros was determined in 200 and the target of the target was to exceed 2017 million Euros in 400.

Kanal Istanbul Vision Project!

Stating that SACE provided financing to Italian companies exporting mainly, Decio emphasized that they serve in nearly 25 thousand Italian companies in nearly 200 countries. Decio said that we guarantee a loan portfolio of around 80 billion Euros and said that they maintain their profitability rates in this comprehensive service.

SACE, which expanded its portfolio by 50 percent last year, announced its capital return rate as 6 percent. In subsequent years, the SACE also said they anticipate double-digit growth in figures Decio, said that given the importance of Turkey in this growth. Decio, market activity for Turkey thousand 500 near the Italian company said there was. SACE top manager Alessandro Decio, they deal with projects which under Turkey's transportation network and also said that the Italian company involved as investors in some projects.

Italian companies wanting to do business with Turkey, saying that Turkey should look at long-term Decio, said they support companies. Decio said that they can support projects such as the 3rd airport, Kanal Istanbul, which is planned to be implemented with private and public cooperation.

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