Change in Legislation for Customs Brokerage Service in Logistics

Change in Legislation for Customs Brokerage Service in Logistics The Charter: The International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association, which accelerated its work in the process of drafting a new Customs Law, brought the issue of the appointment of a customs consultant in the companies that produce logistic services that are closely related to the logistics sector.

Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, underlined that the customs consultancy service should be able to be billed to the organizers for the transportation of logistics services to the world standards. Dır Customs consultancy is a specialty. However, there is a common point to be able to meet the demands of our customers and to provide services in accordance with the INCOTERMS 2010 rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce! Ancak.

UTİKAD, the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers, has raised the issue of the appointment of a customs consultant in logistics companies, which is of great importance for the integration of the Turkish logistics sector with the rapidly changing structure of international trade. Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, stated that they continue their activities as UTIKAD within the framework of preparations for the new customs law and conveyed their views to the Ministry. Görüş Our competitors in the international market can offer their customers a package service in a way that will cover and bill their customs services. But it does not allow them to serve and to invoice the customs legislation of the logistics companies in Turkey, "he said.

Emre Eldener stated that the logistics companies that provide door-to-door transportation and delivery services within the scope of INCOTERMS in export or DDP imports encountered this problem. Veren Fast cargo transportation companies were able to leave this problem behind by the amendments made in the legislation. The demand of transportation companies organizers and logistics companies is no different. Taşıma

Emphasizing that customs consultancy is a profession that requires expertise, Eldener said gümrük Our aim is to make customs declaration processes in cooperation with customs consultants. Customs consultancy is a profession that requires infrastructure and expertise. Moreover, the customs counselors do not only serve their customers, but they are also responsible for the state, ie they serve as public employees. Üst As in the countries with developed economies, the companies operating in the logistics sector, import and export companies will provide door-to-door delivery, uninterrupted and turn-key service underlines that they have to provide Eldener, sektör Storage, packaging, palletizing, lashing, documentation and value-added We are able to organize many different service and invoice our customers. However, we cannot only issue invoices to our customers in connection with customs services and interrupt the process. In this period when we are trying to create a logistic brand abroad, we are having trouble explaining to our foreign business partners and customers that we cannot be invoicing one of the basic services of the logistics flow Yurt.

In the process of harmonization with the European Union, as in many developed economies of Europe, USA and the world
UTİKAD stated that it is an important factor to be able to assign customs counselor in logistics enterprises.
President Eldener follows all customs procedures including customs declaration
fast forwarding with postal management
companies that are engaged in indirect representation. Fast shipping companies using this authorization customs
the counselor runs'. Logistics companies also serve with a change to be made within the same scope
wants to provide uninterrupted service to all sectors with the help of customs consultants tüm.

Lojistik Similarly, customs brokers provide logistics services to their customers through
and to organize their transport operations. Logistics companies customs consultancy
customs brokerage companies are able to organize transport
it is not in accordance with the principles of free economy; we work on the logistical workflows of customs consultancy profession
We aim to disseminate it to accelerate, hedef Eldener said.
Although it was delivered to the Ministry at times and on various platforms, it was unreasonable, but
emphasized that this change should be implemented in the customs law.

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