Bursaray Kestel line happiness 2.5 hours lasted

On the Bursaray Kestel line, happiness lasted for 2.5 hours.

Problems ıyla 25 began with the burning of the transformer in Kestel, which supplied electricity to the Bursaray line on December Sunday. The transformer was easy to change, but the specially produced current breaker was also burned and needed to be reproduced.

So what…
Just like all companies in Europe, the manufacturer could not even order an order as 17 entered the Christmas holiday with the warehouse count in December.

As the readers of these pages read the 29 December Thursday, the company had to wait for 5 to start work in January. The production of the piece was also driving the 8 week.

Burulaş, who could not reach Kestel, had to carry a single passenger with a single vehicle between Cumalıkızık-Kestel, and then put the municipal buses for the post-Arabayatağı, had no intention of waiting this long.
Bursayas have 3 transformers in Arabayatağı-Kestel line. One in the Arabayatağı, one in the Truck Garage next to Otosansit and one in Kestel.

In Kestel, a special line was taken from the nearest transformer to the nearest truck garage.

First the transformer's outputs were adjusted, and then the teams started to pull the line. They also finished working on Sunday evening.

On Monday morning, Bursaray started to work again until Kestel. Everyone was happy. Before the end of the Christmas holiday in Europe, a special cable can be pulled up to the Kestel metro transportation again.

So what…
It took 2.5 hours of happiness.

In the hours when someone was worried about getting to work and catching up on the school, the Bursaray wagon took Otosansit to a little bit, and the new bridge took off on Balıklı Dere Bridge.

When the system is cut, transportation lines are interrupted due to the energy balance in all lines of Bursaray together with Kestel line. So on the first day of the new year, people stayed on the road.

In the review Yap
Pulled from the Truck Garage to Kestel, the external power line, which was completed at night, became tense during the night due to the cold, and it widened with the sun in the morning.

Bursaray wagon had broken this hanging cable on Balıklı Dere Bridge.

After all ...
When the line was taken with great effort, Kestel was again disabled in Bursaray and the transportation to Cumalıkızık-Kestel was returned with one carriage.

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