BTK Railway Line Works, Snow and Cold Listening

BTK Railway Line Work in the, snow and cold can not listen: that Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan closely monitored, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan will connect, work on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line minus 30 degrees, snow and type in spite of continuous progress .

Turkey, Azerbaijan and 95 percent of the BTK railway line which will connect the Georgian railway network completed. Test drives are expected to take place on the railway line in the coming months.

BTK Despite the heavy winter conditions in the railway company, the company continues to work by the company, despite the winter conditions of the work continues in a very intensive, double shifts in the cold weather despite the work will be completed in a short time said the work.

When economic sense will Kars to reconstruct the BTK railway line was implemented, the Central Asia across the Caspian to connect to Turkey, provision of access over the road between Europe and Central Asia, Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan passing through rail-sea combined transport through Central Asia will be connected to the Mediterranean and transit transportation with Central Asia will be made through Kars. The logistics center, which will be established in Kars, will also revive daily trade and tourism in the region. The project will also solve one of the biggest problems of the East, the logistics problem.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:43

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