Eurasia Tunnel will be open at 24 hours from tomorrow

The Eurasia Tunnel will be open for 24 hours in the future: The Eurasia Tunnel, which cuts the journey time between the continents to 5 minutes in Kumkapi and Kosuyolu route in Istanbul, starts to serve 31 hours on 2017 January 07.00.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which was put into service on 20 December 2016 at the ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, was in service between 30-07.00 until 21.00 January due to the studies on integration of traffic systems. The Eurasia Tunnel that connects the continents of Asia and Europe with the two-storey highway tunnel that passes under the sea floor for the first time, will be serving 31 days 2017 hours on 07.00 January 7.

Eurasia Tunnel toll payment can be made from the website

Transition payments through the Eurasia Tunnel are now can be done at. Turkey in the motorway sector first HGS with this service / ETC balance of non-sufficient balance to make the payment of any auto not included in the payment system and violations of the switch drivers who toll the identification and license plate information in a secure way. With the system, which can be easily accessed via mobile phones, tablets and computers, drivers will also be able to learn the status of their transition and prevent criminal proceedings.

Two continents travel to 5 minutes

The Eurasian Tunnel has shortened the distances between the D100 Highway on the Asian side and the Kennedy Street on the European side, where the traffic density is high. Thanks to the route that has been streamlined by the improvement of the connection roads, those who use the tunnel complete the intercontinental journey in approximately 5 minutes. The Eurasia Tunnel has attracted a lot of attention from drivers since its first day of service.



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