Specially produced cable for Bursaray began to be withdrawn to Otosansit-Kestel section

The cable that was specially produced for Bursaray started to be drawn to Otosansit-Kestel section: The readers of these columns know what happened in the Kestel line of Bursaray.

First, the Kestel'daki transformer device burned with the current. It was expected that the Christmas holiday in Europe will end for the order of the 8 production device.

The cable was pulled from Otosansit transformer to Kestel. But on the day the transportation returned to normal, the dangling cable broke the Bursaray wagon.

This time Prysmian in Mudanya produced 15 kilometer special cable for Bursaray in 2 day.

He began to pull the cable strip was narrowed to Ankara Road. The study is aimed to be completed in 2-3 days.

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - I www.ahmeteminyilmaz.co



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