50 Blue Bus More to Antalya Bulk Transportation

50 Blue Bus for Antalya Public Transport: The modern and environmentally friendly 12 meter, which is purchased by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for public transportation, is the new 50 bus; ceremony and started to work on public transportation lines. President Türel, "There is a single thing that our people in the best way to ensure public transportation," he said.

Menderes Türel, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Inc., has been given to the commissioning ceremony of the New Buses organized in the bus garage of the Transportation Co. of Fabrikalar Neighborhood. Chairman of the Board of Directors Caner Şahinkara and municipal bureaucrats and citizens attended. President Türel said that they made revolutionary decisions in Antalya public transportation system and started to implement these decisions.


Türel stated that they regretted that the public transportation system of Antalya has become a ball of problems. Haline The desperation related to this was not suitable for us, we had to take measures. We shared all of these measures with the public transport trades, and we discussed what we can do. On the basis of the authority given to us by the law, we preferred to do this not by doing as we wish, but by discussing with everyone, discussing our tradesmen with this revolutionary change. At the end of a long discussion period, we have connected our road map. Now we are putting them into practice one by one Şimdi.

Mr. Türel said that the midibuses and minibuses which constitute an important part of the city's public transportation system are far away from modernity. Ğ Therefore, we took a step in providing public transportation system with modern and modern vehicles which will decrease the traffic density and be worthy of Antalya. We have decided to convert the 2 midibus or minibus to the 12 single-meter bus, X he said.


Recalling that adaptation to change is a difficult process, Türel said: en In times of change, there may be some cracked voices from time to time. This is the job. But after adapting his blessings, it is a good thing to say that we have done. I saw this in the first period. When I applied the smart card system in public transportation for the first time in Antalya, I was almost shot from the ground but those who hit the ground on that day; 5 years passed, my door was eroded. 'What would happen to me President bring the smart card system again,' and now we are also successfully implementing that system. So from time to time the objections to the adaptation process to this change is something we are accustomed to. But we've been discussing for years, like I said to find the truth. And these discussions take our steps at the end of the evaluations. Ve


Noting that 50 is the most modern public transportation vehicle in the world, Mayor Menderes Türel stated that motor Our buses with environmentally friendly Euro6 engines; 26 people are capable of carrying a total 76 person, including standing, 102 person standing. Disabled ramps, disabled access is available; low-based so that our citizens can easily take part in baby vehicles. This is the bus that suits Antalya. İşte


President Türel said that the 40 bus, which was taken during the previous administration period, has now expired. Bin When we came to office, 500 had more than a thousand kilometers, vehicles that did not come out of industry and loaded us with a serious maintenance and repair cost. Therefore, it was not an expense for us, it was an economical choice to be saved from cost. By pulling this old 40 vehicle into our garage, we will keep it as a reserve vehicle when it is needed in the future. That's why new buses were supposed to be the same brand. O


Transportation Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Caner Şahinkara, Antalya Transportation Inc. as a bus, tram and sea bus fleet and terminal service to the people of Antalya day and night, 365 day 24 said they were trying to provide uninterrupted service. Sahinkara said that they are trying to provide the highest quality service to the citizens of Antalya, "Here at this point, by taking a step further, the most modern, the most modern form of our bus fleet, suitable for disabled transportation systems have renewed with more capacity," he said.

At the end of the ceremony, President Menderes Türel, behind the wheel of one of the new buses, used for a while. BMC Domestic Sales Marketing Manager Sedat Çınar gave President Türel a plaque and symbolic key.


18 500 thousand pounds, which cost millions, except KDV Procity BMC brand in 12 50-meter-long bus, sitting 26 76 102 person capacity, including standing. Euro6 equipped environmentally friendly motor buses, camera security system. Buses with full bottom floors are accessible for disabled access.


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