All trains in Holland work with wind energy

All trains in the Netherlands are powered by wind power: Electric trains are a more sustainable transportation option compared to cars because they are less oscillating. 1 As of January 2017, it is reported that the Dutch state railway company NS has successfully completed the 10 year-long project carried out by the electric company Eneco for all trains in the country to be constructed from electricity generated from wind energy.

Dutch railway companies that want to significantly reduce the emissions caused by trains have collaborated with Eneco in 2015. According to the plans, the transition to 100 renewable energy usage was planned to be carried out at 2018, but in 2016, the year 75 was reached by 1.

NS, the largest railway company in the Netherlands, provides transportation services to a thousand people per day. For this, 600 annually needs about 1 billion kilowatt electricity. If you need to make a comparison; 1,2 billion kilowatt electricity is enough to cover the electricity consumption of all houses in Amsterdam's capital city Amsterdam. This development is very important for reducing the carbon footprint of the Netherlands.

Eneco said the electricity used in the project related to trains was obtained from wind power plants in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. The project is expected to be completed early in the year because of the early completion of wind farms.





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