Latest 8 days for Akçaray

The last 8 day for Akçaray: The countdown for the tram, which will be put into service on an 7 kilometer route from Sekapark to the bus station, continues. 24 10 from January 8'dan we start to count down to the end of the tram and test drive to start the 9 days. The owner of this claim, the Metropolitan Municipality adres While the project is quite ambitious about the day, Büyükşehir has taken this claim further and added a counter to its official web address and that counter still continues to count down. While the work is still going on at many points, it is possible for the tram to catch up with the 1 day and the traffic troubles and the tradesmen's troubles in parallel, and XNUMX is not even likely. However, we are a liar of the counter of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's web address! What he says is the (!) Then keep counting.
26 January 2017 Thursday: Last 8 day X

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