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Life Savers Forest to the railway is not done said: Belgrad Forest's Bahçeköy gate gathered in the northern forest defenders, forests in the tens of thousands of trees planned to pass through the "touristic" railway line against the press made a press statement.

The defenders of the girerek Resen Northern Forests ı, ı Resistance Forest, Resistance Istanbul gel, d No, you came to plunder the forest ”are the 2 who enter the forest. They walked up to Mahmut Bendi. After the informative speeches on the Belgrad Forest and water dams, the event ended.

Ezgi Capa and Ozden Atik from DHA read the following news: The Northern Forest Defense came together at the entrance of the Belgrad Forest, Bahcekoy, towards the Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz-Karadeniz Dekovil Line project planned to pass through the Belgrad Forest.

Ir Dekovil is not a 'Nostalgic Line', but a plundering project. Pull the hand out of the Belgrad Forest ın the group that made a press release by opening a banner, followed by a walk in the forest.


Elif Köklü, who made a statement on the defense of the Northern Forests, said, a Megakent is the only forest on the European side of Istanbul that receives the most striking coup in the Belgrad Forest. Dar He said: a decovil train line, Kemerburgaz'a up to the area of ​​rant paradise and the northern breath of the breathtaking breath of the northern forests of the city and the source of life water reservoirs can not be allowed to be destroyed by construction capital. The Hat Dekovil Line led railway project, which will divide the last piece of the Belgrad Forest, which will cut the last part of the forest, and which will kill thousands of trees, is one of the last crazy projects for the Belgrad Forest, although it is called nostalgic tourism.


Stating that the project was not informed about the project, Köklü asked the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) for the following questions from the IBB Parliament and the Parliament: It was started. The tender is made according to which project. The trees on the line in the Belgrad Forest are marked, why are there wire fences surrounding the line in the forest area, why can't we get information about the project? Içindeki.


After the press release, the group marched through the woods. During the press release and the walk, security forces took measures. One TOMA was also present in the forest. Selma Kambur participating in the march ümüz We are here against the project, which we think will open the forest ranta, talana and disrupt the integrity of the Belgrad Forests. We don't want it to be done. Yapıl Jafar Sungur said that he is doing mountaineering and is intertwined with nature. Olduğun A forest like Belgrad Forest does not exist in most cities, it is necessary to protect this forest. 5-6 years ago there were pigs in this forest, there were nightingales. They were close enough to talk to us, but now they are not. Ad

Northern Forest Defense opened a petition for the construction of a train line to the Belgrade Forest: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, touching the Belgrad Forest.

The Belgrade Forest Dekovil Line Press Release, read today, is as follows:

On the two sides of the Bosphorus, which open to the Black Sea in the north, there are plant communities called 'Northern Bosphorus'. The rich flora of Belgrad Forest is included in this area. In this important plant area, the number of globally endangered plant species is 10, while the number of rare species on the national scale is 19. The Belgrad Forest, 71 species bird and 18 form a habitat for mammal species.

2018 is the bad news for the people who declared the Conference of Biodiversity Parties in Istanbul and who boasted the number of trees planted and declared to be the environmentalist.

Megakent The only forest on the European side of Istanbul, the Belgrad Forest habitat, is taking the most striking impact. This time, the name of the name of the Golden Horn Kemerburgaz Black Sea Dekovil Line. Dekovil, the 100 coal-bearing rail system of the year before, is the new name for the annexation of profit, which is put forward by today's nostalgia balloon.

Months ago, in 18 June, we said before the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that UM Kadir Topbas will be on our eyes for a single tree to be cut in the Belgrad Forest. Baş We repeated our warnings in 1 months ago, and in December at 16.

Now, we ask our questions from the IMM Assembly to the seat of the Grand National Assembly, and ask questions that are persistently asked but not answered in the whole country:

1 Is the secret preparation of the Decovil project, which is expected to be awarded in February, on the 6,5 km line in the Belgrade Forest? Which project is being awarded according to the project?

Why are trees marked on the line within the Belgrad Forest?

Why are there wire fences surrounding the line in the woodland?

Why can't we get information about the project and the project process?

Finally, why the IMM insists on not meeting the people of Istanbul and the IMM Parliament on this issue and makes unacceptable, unreasonable explanations such as amak trees in the Belgrad Forest will not be cut'n.

Those who express the Ottoman legacy by making advertising material at every opportunity, 130 will have to give an account of the ancient heritage Belgrad Forest, which is lost by a third of the year in the year, to the next generation.

The last forest ecosystem of Istanbul is the area of ​​the Belgrade Forest and the watersheds in the forest, the 1840 hectares in 12.000, and the 2012 hectares in 5524.

It has been exactly 41.749 years since President Erdoğan declared the new city project 21 bin 33 hectares 'North Istanbul', including the 500 village with a total population of 5, and the center said that it was Ağaçlı.

During these past five years, how many hectares of forest remained today after the pillage, plundering, contempt, and rents of interest in the vicinity of the Belgrade and Fatih Forests?

Volkswagen Arena Campus,

Seyrantepe Stadium,



Ağaoğlu Ayazağa skyscrapers,

The last blow to the Sular region is the Sarıyer-Çayırbaşı Highway Tunnel,

Magaproj are,

North Marmara Motorway,

3 Airport,

Development of forest villages,

Opening, expanding and upgrading of Cendere Valley. Leakage excavations built by municipalities in Cendere; factories, storages, concrete, stone and asphalt construction sites, leakage castings on river beds,

The new cemetery,

, Sand and quarries in Cendere Valley, Odayeri, Cebeci, Çiftalan, Ağaçlı, Işıklar C

Concrete plant in Cendere, asphalt plant ere

As a result of the removal of the hale preservation forest ler status from the 2012 in the 3 and the conversion of the status of the nine promenade areas into the ün nature park esi, the forest, which could not be protected even when it was kept, was open to new facilities and new picnic areas.

According to this, it is clear and clear that the Dekovil line, which passes through the last remaining 2 thousand hectares of forests, which is said to be protected, will lead to the end of the Belgrade Forest.

Belgrad Forest, surrounded by four projects with killer projects, will be under the threat of new 2B processes with its decovil project.

Any kind of transportation, road, entertainment, recreation facility, concrete, noise, rubbish and gritty use in the forest which disrupts the integrity of Belgrad Forest is the responsibility of Istanbul.

From the irresponsibility of the responsible, all the rights and powers they abuse, we lost our relics, which we will inherit to our Istanbulites children. The administrations that have come and gone so far have shown that neither Kadir Topbaş nor their applause is in the eyes of nature, the climate, the forest, the value of water is not turned into a rant.

Starting today, Istanbul residents will have to protect their living spaces and show their care for their own future. Because if there is no Belgrade Forest, there is no Istanbul; If there is no Belgrade Forest, there will be no Istanbul.

If you wipe the Belgrad Forest, there will be no big one.

Under the nostalgic or touristic objective lie, the new killer projects under the forest killer decovil line, the subway lines are said to be merged, how many people will use this way, for what purpose is still trying to revive this line is our question marks.

Belgrad Forest is a whole with threatened water resources, natural texture, vegetation and creatures. Belgrad Forest cannot be divided by rails, no matter what purpose. The vehicle cannot be switched on more. Istanbul's legacy Belgrad Forest is under the protection of Istanbul.

Groundwater is the insurance of countries. This strategic resources to be spent in this way is unacceptable in Turkey vulgar. In the old days, the Belts and the Belt Forest were very important. At that time, the cities flowing from the fountain were known as developed cities. For this reason, the Belgrade Forest was preserved as a pupil during the Ottoman period. Today, water resources face drying up Bugün

Starting from the Golden Horn and going along the Cendere stream to the Kemerburgaz, where a decovil train line will be stuck in the forest like a dagger, the area from Kemerburgaz to the area of ​​rant paradise and the breathtaking breath of the Northern Woods to the city is the It is not allowed to destroy the water basins where the source water is stored by construction capital.

The ov Dekovil Line acı railway project, which will divide the last part of the Belgrad Forest, which will cut the last piece of nature that needs to be preserved, and which will slaughter thousands of trees, is one of the last crazy projects for the Belgrade Forest, although it is called nostalgic tourism. The eco-systems that become easier to destroy as forests break down; previously 3. Belgrad Forest, which is divided from the top of the bridge, is already injured. This crazy project is the execution war of the Belgrad Forest.

Belgrad Forest Or Istanbul!

Northern Forest Defense

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