Sanli Turkish Flag Hangs On Kanligeçit Train Bridge

A Glorious Turkish Flag is Hanged on the Kanlıgeçit Train Bridge: The flag was hung on the Kanlı Geçit railway bridge by ODAK members as part of the 95th Anniversary of Osmaniye's liberation from the enemy occupation.

Osmaniye's liberation from enemy occupation 95. Anniversary events continue.

The members of the Osmaniye Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club (ODAK) were flagged for the train bridge.

The FOCUS Club members, who took the flag from Mayor Kadir Kara, hung a flag to the bloody parade train bridge, which is vital in winning the liberation struggle.

Flag ceremony held at the Presidential Office in Turkey Mountaineering Federation of Mountaineering Instructors Yucel Erdogan, President Mohammed Dogan and joined club members FOCUS.

Osmaniye Mayor Kadir Kara said: üne It is very important that you hang our glorious flag in the frame of the events on the train bridge of the Bloody Pass. Because there are so many moments in the history of wars. It is very strategic events. As a result of the heroic struggle and the strategic movement that the forces in Osmaniye struggled with the spirit of Kuva-i Milliye, where they are hanged, not only in Osmaniye but also in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa and Kahramanmaraş. The strength of our forces in the Kuva-i nation in Turkey and the struggle there has contributed to more effectively. Therefore, the region you will hang our flag is important. For this reason, I would like to present you with a great honor to hang our glorious flag in the bloody passage area. Bu

also the Kanlıgeçit railway bridge, 15 the Republic of Turkey on July 2016 Empire and the Turkish nation who in life do not hesitate to sacrifice in order to prevent the attempt treacherous made for the survival of Martyr staff sergeant Omar Halisdemir photo was hanged.



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