Tumer of CHP offers a suburban train to Adana

CHP's Tumer proposal for a suburban train to Adana: Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy Zülfikar İnönü Tümer evaluated the justified demands of the people of Adana and suggested a suburban train for the solution of the city's transportation problem.

Tümer said that the operating expenses and energy consumption of the suburbs were quite low, especially for the settlements with a high frequency of population traveling from the outside to the center and from the center. Gibi In our country, besides the examples such as İzban, Sincan-Kayaş, new planned suburban systems such as Kayseri Suburb, crowded and industrial Izmir, Ankara, Kayseri, such as the outside of the center of the city is the system that relaxes passenger traffic. This suburban center with secondary settlements, industrial zones, workplaces, airports, such as travel between high demand areas are carried out by drawing attention to the population density, reaching the population of 2.2 million in the organized industrial zone in Adana as well as public complex, bus station and suburban industrial sites In this context, he asked the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan to answer the following questions:

1- which operates commuter system in our province in Turkey? For which cities is the suburban project considered?

2- What criteria are taken into consideration when implementing the suburban project?

3- Gökçeler neighborhood, which is located in Seyhan district of Adana and reaching to 2.2 million, Zeytinli, Dikili and Büyük Sanayi Sitesi in Project, Temsa Automotive, Sarıhamzalı neighborhood, Hippodrome, Hal Complex, Otogar and Şakirpaşa Airport, Park Adana, which has been completed, 01 Here are the shopping malls, Toptancılar Site in the east of the city, Incirlik Quarter, Cement Factory, Müminli and Dağcı Neighborhoods, Adana Organized Industrial Zone, Suluca and Yakapınar neighborhoods, between Büyükmangıt and Ceyhan regions during the day or between themselves in the center of Adana. the need for transportation on the axle can be solved by the suburban system?

4- Will it be taken into consideration that a suburban passenger on this line will have high quality transportation opportunities to many points in the city, both in the west-east direction and by metro and city bus transfers?

5- Is the suburban system considered for Adana, which is another city that has the capacity to find its place both in terms of population and transportation demanded along the east-west axis of the city?

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