Rize-Artvin Airport is Launched in April

Rize-Artvin Airportda Atılıyor :Ulaştırma, Denizcilik ve Haberleşme Bakanı Arslan: "Deniz üzerine dolgu yöntemiyle inşa edilen Türkiyewill be the second airport Rize-Artvin Airportnda mali teklifleri aldık. TürkiyeWe will explain who won the infrastructure tender of this airport, which will be one of the giant investments of Turkey, in 10 to 15 days ”

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, onto the sea will be built with fill method the second airport in Turkey Rize and Artvin noting that received financial bids for the airport, "Turkey will be one of the giant investment who won the infrastructure tender for the airport will explain within 10 to 15 days . " said.

Stating that they plan to lay the foundation of the airport until April, Arslan said that the airport, which will be built to serve 3 million passengers, will be completed by 2022.

Minister Arslan, in his statement, stated that financial offers were received at Rize-Artvin Airport and that 5 companies that were qualified for the infrastructure construction of the airport participated in the tender.

Rize center 34 kilometers from Trabzon, 105 kilometers, while the Artvin 75 kilometers away will be built Yesilköy and Sunday coastal locality Rize and Artvin Airport is the world's fourth, whereas Turkey Ordu-Giresun Airport after a second sea on filling Airport Arslan pointed out that it will be, “5 out of 4 companies that were deemed sufficient in the tender bid. The lowest bid was given by Cengiz İnşaat-AGA Energy Partnership. After the evaluation of these financial offers, the company that won the tender will be determined. ” he spoke.

Arslan, Turkey, who won the infrastructure tender for the airport will be one of the giant investment said they announced within 10 to 15 days, "to sign the contract with the company then winning, and we plan to throw the basis of the airport until April." found the assessment.

  • “We will solve the longing of the people of the region”

Minister Arslan stated that the Rize-Artvin Airport Project has been on the agenda of the region for many years and it is expected to look forward to completing the airport by 2022 and will satisfy the longing of the local people.

Explaining that an important work will be done to protect the Black Sea against the harsh waves, Arslan stated that over 85 million tons of stone filling will be made to the sea and the project is difficult.

Arslan stated that they are planning to start the superstructure project while the infrastructure construction is continuing, “In this context, tender preparation works have already started for the application projects of the terminal building and other superstructure facilities. The terminal building, which is planned to have an indoor area of ​​approximately 20 thousand square meters, will be constructed to serve almost 3 million passengers. Nothing can stand in front of us when it comes to being a human. he spoke.



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