Expectations for the Logistics Sector are High in 2017

Logistics Sector High Expectations in 2017: International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTİKAD Board Members met with the press members on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. At the press conference held at the InterContinental Istanbul Hotel, UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener shared his evaluations regarding the Turkish logistics industry with the press members.

UTIKAD President Emre Eldener, 2016 2017 in the year underlines the point where the 2017 shared their predictions of the year. Eldener, who explained the problems and expectations of the logistics sector, underlined that they expect government support in XNUMX.

UTIKAD, the International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers, expressed the 2016 evaluation on the logistics sector and the expectations of the 2017 year at a press conference. Members of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD met with members of the press at the InterContinental Hotel on Tuesday, January 3. At the press conference, Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, gave a detailed presentation on the situation of the sector.
xnumx'n both our country indicates that go down in history as a very difficult year for countries in both environmental geography UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, "Turkey GDP in the volume of the logistics industry, a sector with approximately% 2016-12 share at approximately 13 billion We can say that it is TL. Of course, our goal was to increase this share. However, our 100 targets have been disrupted by many sad and annoying developments in our country. 2016 Although the coup in July was a national upright stance, our economy suffered partially from this situation. At this point, our trade with Syria and Iraq was not only affected. Due to the immigration crisis, we had a hard time with the European Union, which is one of our biggest markets. The fluctuations in foreign exchange were also effective in the logistics sector. The rise in foreign exchange reduced imports. Although the transactions of our sector for foreign transportation are not on a direct basis in terms of foreign currency, it is possible to say that the decrease in freight transportation will have a negative impact on the turnover of the sector in the coming days. Sektör

UTIKAD President Emre Eldener stated that there was no serious shrinkage in the foreign trade volume in the 2016 year., In the light of the numerical data, we observe a decline since 2014. In addition to this, we see that maritime transport has the biggest share among the modes in 2016. When the comparison is made in terms of tonnes between transport modes, we can see that 74 is the most preferred export company and sea transport is preferred with 95,4. The sea transportation is followed by 24,5, 1 and 0,5. The situation in imports does not look very different. 4 percent of the loads carried by the road rail was preferred by 0,5 percentage. Unfortunately, the airline's 0,1'de unfortunately remain. If the value is examined on the basis of sea exports, such as a percentage of 54, 67 with imports, leaving all modes of transport behind. On the basis of value, the share of the highway is 32,5 on imports and 20 on imports. While the airline remains on 12-13, both on imports and exports, the rail barely catches 1 on the face, hem he said.

Touching on the industry's 4.0, which has attracted worldwide attention and is expected to change all of its business processes in the coming decades, UTIKAD President Eldener said: büyük I think that developments in e-commerce should be closely monitored. We should not only follow closely, but also revise our business processes accordingly Hatta. Emre Eldener, who emphasizes that companies like AliExpress, like Amazon, are planning to make their deliveries by themselves. investments in aircraft, ships and trucks. In order to shorten the delivery time, it aims to transport unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) by using the ships as a warehouse. At this point, some questions come to mind. Is this the evolutionary process that affects our industry? How will the existing logistics flows be renewed? How will change in the axis of speed and cost? Hız he said.

Emphasizing the importance of the answers to these questions which will shape the logistics sector in the coming years, Mr. Eldener said m We need to develop logistics business processes in accordance with different product characteristics and new technologies to be determined by pre-acting and we need to produce solutions and services in accordance with the developing trade approach by becoming specialized. Ön

Emre Eldener also emphasized the unexpected developments in 2016 and evaluated the effects of Hanjin's bankruptcy postponement application on the sector and its possible results. After Hanjin's application is Eldener that they do various meetings "Evaluation of the problems faced by our members have made the installation of the said company and the current situation in order xnumx.eylül in Hanjin Shipping's our members that the Turkey agency Arkas Shipping and Transport Inc. executives, We held a meeting at the UTIKAD Maritime Working Group with the participation of Arkas and UTIADAD legal advisors. At this meeting, we evaluated the problems and uncertainties that arise from the fact that Hanjin Shipping company terminated the contracts for the transportation of containers and did not fulfill its performance and left the containers at the ports they were at. We shared the information note prepared after our meeting with our members Top. Emre Eldener underlined the fact that there is a global movement in the logistics sector following Hanjin's decision. Ener We witness the cooperation and mergers between ship owners and container lines in the worldwide ranking. We consider these developments as measures against new crises and possible bankruptcies Bu.

Eldener also touched on the difficulties experienced in customs, also stated that they play an active role in the preparation of the New Customs law as UTIKAD. Söyleyen We hope that the new customs law will be prepared and put into effect to facilitate foreign trade and logistics flows, İK said the President of UTİKAD, who stated that there are problems that need to be solved, such as failure to complete the single window system, failure to complete the digitization process and failure to achieve global integration in logistics processes.

Indicating that the disconnections between the Ministries regarding the logistics regulations are reflected in the sector negatively, Eldener said, s We can say that the coordination between the ministries is the top priority of the sector. Coordination in logistics is of great importance, especially in our development plan, when our sector is considered a priority sector. We hope that the integration between the ministries will be overcome and the problems related to secondary legislation will be overcome. At this point, it is of great importance that the Logistics Master Plan is prepared in a way that will produce productive results in line with the production and commercial objectives of our country. Bu

Expression on the problems in the road, the President of UTIKAD Emre Eldener, R2 certified companies with companies that have R2 to work with companies that cause serious problems in the sector, he added. UTIKAD as they continue to work on this issue said that Eldener atör in the Road Transport Regulation by changing the definition of the organizers of transport work to solve this problem can be eliminated, olarak he said. In addition, indicating that the process of simplification of authorization documents in the road legislation is nearing the end of Eldener, simplification of authorization documents will increase our work flow rate, Bun he said.

UTİKAD Chairman also touched on the issue of high document fees on the railroad, Başkan The DD authorization certificate fee for the companies that will operate as an 'organizer' in railway transportation was determined as 50 thousand TL. This is a pretty high figure. In order to ensure that experienced companies in the field of transport operations are active in railway transportation, companies with R2 authorization certificates should be provided with the DD authorization certificate automatically Taşıma.

Eldener, who repeats his expectations regarding the employment of the customs consultant as the Transportation Organizers, said, ener The companies we work with require customs turnaround services as well as turnkey solutions. A job that requires expertise in customs clearance and must be done by customs experts who are experts on the subject; However, in order to produce a turnkey solution, we would like to be able to work as a consultant in many developed countries. If this does not happen, we would like to be able to provide this service through a contract with a consultant. In the new customs law draft prepared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, we expect a step in this direction. Gümrük

The president also emphasized the recent fluctuations in foreign exchange fluctuations, and stated that they have made attempts to convert the office rents of air cargo agencies at Atatürk Airport from USD to TL. Eldener continued; Yüksek The rents of the offices of the air cargo agencies are very high compared to other airports which set precedents in the world. The level of these rents also affects service production costs and thus constitutes a decisive factor on export and import costs. In this regard, we also informed the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the State Airports Authority as well as Turkish Cargo. We shared the positive effects of the transfer of office rents from air cargo agencies from USD to TL. Hava

Emre Eldener also pointed out the importance of establishing electronic platform for electronic transactions (e-AWB, e-Freight, etc.) in Customs Transactions and g Inter-Agency Common Electronic Information Platform oluşturul. This causes a loss of time and increases the likelihood of error. Indan We believe that port organizations should be established by creating port communities in the ports of Singapore, Hong-Kong, Rotterdam and Hamburg and open to the public access and use of private enterprises and public institutions. . With the implementation of this system to include all stakeholders, efficiency and efficiency will be increased and logistics flows will be accelerated thanks to the coordination and cooperation to be provided at sea and airports Eld.

Finally, President Emre Eldener shared the expectations of UICAD with the members of 2017 and said: 'We do not think that the state supports for the logistics sector are unfortunately at a sufficient level as one of the country's highest volume service exporter sectors. As a sector, we had no chance of benefiting from state support until today. As UTIKAD, we have made initiatives in this regard. We are in talks with the Ministry of Economy, which has taken an important initiative. Of course, the most important expectations for 2017 support comes from the beginning, X he said. Eldener,
UTİKAD's other 2017 agenda topics are as follows:

• Preparation of Logistics Master Plan
• Coordination and updating of logistics legislation
• The functioning of the liberalization process of the railways
• Development of railway infrastructure
• Preliminary preparations for new airport and regulatory infrastructure

UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener and UTİKAD Board Members answered questions at the end of the press conference.

Turkey's transit cargo pass by responding to problems related to the by-pass corridor UTIKAD President Emre Eldener, "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project is the responsibility of the Republic of Turkey had a 80-kilometer section. This section is constantly delayed for one reason or another. Azerbaijan and Georgia side of the infrastructure work on their own although they have completed the work on our side could not be completed, but the Prime Minister 'This project will be finished' he says. I believe we will see the positive effects of this Ben.

Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, said: ın Companies that see how active the sector are in the sector apply to become a member of our association. Our number has increased in 2016. However, there is an increase in firm closures in the sector or mergers are observed in order to join forces. We keep our hopes up for the 2016 year. I wish everyone a year of peace and tranquility. H

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