Minister Arslan, BTK railway line 2 monthly business remains

Minister Arslan has left our 2 monthly job on the BTK railway line: Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said about the construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. We are currently working intensively, but taking into account the difficulties of winter conditions, we plan to finish the construction as March, April. ”

Arslan, Çankaya Presidential Palace, Ankara, representatives of the press organizations made a dinner dinner.

Turkey Construction Industry Employers' Union (INTES) in a program attended recently, Armstrong voicing criticism of a phrase used regarding the public procurement process, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars talked about the difficulties experienced in the construction of the project.

Arslan stated that the tender processes of the project in question took place after the procurement tender and 1 year because of the objections. “At the end of this period, work started. 70 percent of the work done, while the Administrative Court found the objector justified. 1 has passed through the year evaluation process. Until construction began, 2-2,5 disappeared for almost a year. At the end of the year 2,5 Administrative Court, 'You will give the business to the first company.' said. Administration 1 has liquidated the business of the company that has been doing business for years, and the liquidation lasted for months. Then, the Council of State, overturned the decision of the Administrative Court. The contract with the third company was terminated again. What did we get out of all this? The project caused a delay of over 5 years. The company won the tender for the last 6 months and has been working with great effort. The initial target was 3. But the project was delayed due to tendering processes. Now we have about 8 monthly work. We are currently working intensively, but taking into account the challenges of winter conditions, we plan to finish the construction as March, April. ”

Arslan pointed out that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line is an important link of the “middle corridor, and that the project will go further over Kars-Tbilisi-Baku.

Giving information about the details of the project, Arslan said, tek They will divide the single line from Kars to Baku, and after Baku, it will be able to go to China through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the continuation of Central Asia. There will be a serious load movement, we carry about 26,5 million tons of freight on the railways. Only Kazakhstan's Bu I will give this line dedi load 10 million tons per year. Not to mention the US that China sends to overseas countries, if we take the 10 percent of the cargo it sends to the EU, 240 sends million tons of container, 24 means million tons of container cargo. Other countries are taking positions accordingly, they are already renewing their lines, making new lines. Everyone moves accordingly because when you include the sea in the south corridor and north corridor, the road takes about 50 days, it takes about 45-62 days to send a cargo from China to England, Germany, France. The 12-15 takes days if you send it through the middle aisle. At about a quarter of a time, the load will be delivered to the desired address. Kul

“We consider projects as part of the world's transport corridors”

Minister Arslan, US President Donald Trump's voters on the promises of bridges and motorways, such as making promises about the question asked:

“What Trump says is important to the Americans. From our point of view, rather than the roads in America, the policy and strategy to be followed in this geography and the world is much more important. However, when it comes to roads and bridges, we, as transporters, have always suffered, everyone knows the truth, but when it comes time to practice, we could not find the support we want when it comes time to do what is necessary to make this geography a bridge. For the last 14 years, I can say that the support provided to transport is really support and figures that no one can imagine. Therefore, our country has reached a good point in terms of transportation and access facilities. In all types of transport, as in the middle corridor, we consider all our corridors as part of the transport corridors in the world. It is our satisfaction that we have done most of them, few of them are left, and less of them complement each other. As the transportation routes are integrated into the transportation corridors, they become much more economical and more convenient. The user's life becomes much more comfortable. Here everyone knows, why was the third airport opposed, why the bridges were opposed, why the tunnels were opposed? Because they complement the big corridors. Transport corridors are also the sine qua non of the economy, development, trade and industry. We, as transporters, have been well aware of this for 14 for years. ”

Arslan, this year to reach 37 billion pounds allocated budget, said they were previously unimaginable figures.

Has been made with the latest technology of transportation investments in Turkey Arslan striking, she said:

“I can't say if America just saw it. But he hasn't seen much new. Let's come to a more truthful point, maybe they did this long before us, they came to a certain point of satisfaction and 'enough' they said. However, it is never enough. Maybe that's what Trump means; 'We need to make new additions.' Because I see, we are watching Europe with envy, 100 annual 80 annual subways but also 100 annual old subways… They come to our subways, when they travel the roads they say 'Made with high quality high standard'. It's a case we're late for, but it's much better quality at a much higher standard than we do with today's technology.… We have to turn the disadvantage of being late in development to advantage and do it with the latest technology. In the last 14 years we've been doing this. As long as the government has given so much support to the Ministry, I hope we will do much better. There are many study projects we do work on. They're all parts of a whole. When we look at it one by one it looks small but it is a complement to the big leg. ”

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