500G for additional placement of a thousand 4,5

500G: UDH Minister Arslan has announced that they have initiated tendering processes in order to take 4,5G technology within one thousand 500 additional settlements within the scope of universal service.

In his speech at the opening of the “5G and Beyond Technologies Conference” organized by ASELSAN, Arslan stated that they attach great importance to the efforts to move from 4,5G to 5G and stated that they are ready to contribute and move together within the framework of this importance, wherever and whatever work is done. .

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister Recep Prime Minister Binali importance they attach to the Lightning in the sector, sensitivity and support so Arslan said that they were thankful that technology develops rapidly, Turkey's technology does not follow, develop new technology, said that countries that want to grow together with the world in this sector. Arslan said, “Our industry is thinking about this with stakeholders related to 5G and beyond in order to take serious steps in this regard. The sector brings its sides together. " found the assessment.

"There are 51 million 600 thousand 4,5G subscribers"

Arslan pointed out that 2G and 3G networks in the electronic communications sector are insufficient with the spread of speed, capacity and smart devices in the market, and reminded that as a result, 4G switched to 4,5G with the guidance of President Erdoğan. Arslan stated that the interest and interest of the citizen in 4,5G is at the top level and said:

“Today we have 75 million subscribers. Of this, 4 million 400 thousand are 2G subscribers, 19 million 3G and 51 million 600 thousand 4,5G subscribers. However, the figures reveal that there is still a way to complete about 4,5G. There are 4,5 million active subscribers on 19G. Approximately 33 million inactive subscribers will be able to switch to active subscription when they make their devices and SIM cards compatible with 4,5G. As the whole world aims to meet 5G and bring new technologies to our country. Not being content with this, we need to move forward to create new markets in the sector with domestic and national products and set targets accordingly. "

Arslan, 4,5G authorization, pointing to the criterion of locality was put forward, said:

“If we are going to grow and shape the sector together, we should not let each other follow this business. All of the stakeholders on this issue should pay attention to this rate of indigenousness and take progress in this regard. If anything happens to us, of course, our door is always open. If this thought I said does not come true, of course we will use our monitoring, control and control authority to the fullest. It is not possible for us to compromise or give up on this. When we talk about 5G, we are talking about increasing the domestic and national rate, if we do not achieve this in 4,5G, then somebody turns and asks us, 'What goal are we putting forward, what goal are you talking about, do what you have first.' So, my wish, do whatever you need to do about the 4,5G localization rate you have. We are aware that whatever we have done from yesterday until today, we have to move forward by putting on it. Because if we continue with the pace until today, it is not possible for us to achieve this share of indigenousness. At least that's what I understand. "

"Promising cooperation studies were carried out in domestic production and R&D"

Pointing out that they started to work to upgrade the technology in 2 settlements that were put into service in 799G technology within the scope of universal service and to bring 500G technology to 4,5 additional settlements, Arslan said, “As the Ministry, we aim to use ULAK base stations with these infrastructures established within the scope of universal service and to increase the rate of localization. . ” said.

Expressing that cooperation between ASELSAN and operators has been carried out in the domestic production of other equipment to be used in mobile networks and encouraging them on R&D, Arslan said that today "Base Station Antenna Cooperation Signing Ceremony" will be held, not as a signing ceremony, but for localization, acting together, He said that it should be considered as a good start in finding a common solution.

Every user who enters the Internet is one of the services he uses more than once a day, explaining that the search engines came from Arslan, 98 4 player in the hands of the world market, said that the XNUMX. Arslan has started to work in order to develop a domestic and national product that can compete with the practices in the world, and invited everyone who wants to be a solution partner to this cooperation.

"Industry applications will develop further with 5G"

Arslan stated that they started R & D and domestic production activities for 5G and that they had to make ULAK one of the first 5G base stations.

Arslan emphasized that the issue of locality also plays a key role for the success of important works such as cyber security, internet change points and data center.

“While traditional mobile networks mean connecting people together, 5G is connecting everything. It means more frequency capacity and more infrastructure. With the implementation of 5G, industrial applications will develop further, and a suitable infrastructure will be established for the smart transportation systems that our Ministry is working on. In addition to the traditional services, the internet of objects, the number of subscribers for communication between machines in communication between machines that Turkey today, 3 million 800 thousand. By 2022, there will be 29 billion devices connected to the internet in the world. It is predicted that 18 billion of these devices will be interconnected as the internet of things. "

Armstrong, driverless vehicles, wearable devices, said unmanned aerial vehicles, like many technology areas and the market potential will increase further with 5G and infrared technology, gave information about the studies related 5G in Turkey.

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