The most important dream of Kartepen

Kartepenin dream of the important step in the cable car: AK Party Kartepe District Organization 52'nci Extended County Advisory Council was held yesterday evening Necip Fazil Kisakurek Cultural Center.

Hasan Kandaz and board of directors meeting hosted by the Provincial Deputy Chairman Mustafa Kocaman, Provincial Discipline Committee Chairman Orhan Arikan, provincial administrators, Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, former mayors, councilors, women and youth branches and neighborhood heads and managers She attended.

Making the opening speech of the Advisory Assembly AK Party Kartepe District President Kandaz, the AK Party, the nation's demand, the nation's demands for the year, 14 years, said that the demands. Kandaz stated that the problems that did not come to mind were solved from the root, said, esi In this beautiful country, while we are giving more independence and future struggle than everything else, we should open our eyes not 4, 14 times. In our social life, we have responsibilities to our neighbors as well as our family. We are closely following our concerns with the police members and executives in our district. İl

Kandaz said they started to make neighborhood consultation meetings and said:: We are taking X-rays of the neighborhoods and we are preparing for a sudden election. Our Mayor is holding meetings with neighborhood organizations. 32 will consult all of the neighborhood. Go to where you were invited. Day, that day. If we do not pay enough attention to the meetings, those who want to operate in this country move more comfortably. Let's not get stuck on a few issues. We are not satisfied with the power cuts; the authorities are often looking for, trying to solve, follow-up. Our agenda should be related to the constitution and the referendum. Some press, they're trying to do operations on us. AK Party, they say okay; people who are not related to me, they are trying to create a profile about the next president of the district. Until the end of the referendum on this issue came out of the agenda. Organization, be careful on the basis of social media. Our media please don't bother us. We want the Kartepeliler to give the right information. Arı Kandaz congratulated the president and the directors of the Women's Branches on the 8886 street in Kartepe district, because she was to be appointed as the woman responsible.

Noting that the nation has been undergoing a difficult process, AK women have chosen the difficulty, said Yasemin Ağra Alemdar, Head of Women's Branches, saying, Millet 8886 will determine our responsibility for women on the street. We'il prove that we're on the street. Women's arms show great effort and sacrifice. Refarandumda, putting our work, our family, our children as a part of our honorable place in history, we will live in this happiness.

Uğur Karbüz, the head of the District Youth Branches, who had mercy on all martyrs from the past and wished to heal the veterans, said, tüm We have made renovations in all neighborhoods of Kartepe. High schools, young women's commissions. Our Mayor and District President, we have done good work with the support. I would also like to thank those who contributed to the presidential election. Üniversite

… 50 annual dream cable car N “
The martyrs and veterans who sacrificed their lives, the mercy and gratitude of the memorial said Kartepe Mayor Uzulmez, the nation does not exist as long as the existence of traitors, both internal and external enemies will continue to fight against the said. Stating that they have fulfilled their promised projects, Üzülmez said, ler We are experiencing the most severe winter conditions in history. Metropolitan Municipality and İSU with the problems are exceeding. They are making efforts to be an example to Kocaeli and Turkey, he said do not worry, the services they perform and told the following about the new project: "strolling neighborhoods with our municipal team, listening to problems, we provide the solution. Our projects are moving in order. 50 annual dream came to the tender stage of the cable car. We have plan B; We have created all the infrastructure. The largest public investment will be done at Kartepe. In Uzuntarla, the largest natural life park in Europe will come to life in our district. We have the Kanalpark project of 18.5 kilometers. The renewal of football fields in Eşme and Sarımeşe will begin. Kartepe will gain district ID sports hall is over, will be opened soon. Kartepe was the day for the swimming pool. We have projects for which we have received awards; Our alıy Alo Son ”project is awarded. But Kartepelilerin, 40'nin not know. I want our neighbors informed. Women in Kartepe are lucky; women's club set up, women's sports centers benefit. üb

Provincial Deputy Chairman Kocaman, the Middle East and the world policymakers do not take into account the Turkish nation and the leader, he said. Stating that the referendum is of vital importance, Kocaman said, hayati We are doing our best to get out of our forehead. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, Provincial SKM was appointed President. The location of the SCM was determined. We wanted to have our members in the neighborhood councils participate and consult. We want our members to talk. Let's increase our membership rate so that we can empower our leader. Let's listen to the wishes of our members and even non-members. Üy

In the last part of the Advisory Council, a plaque was given to the 156 organization member participating in the organization of the organizing academy in Derbent.

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