X-Ray Measure Against Terrorism in Izmir

X-Ray Measure Against Terrorism in Izmir Transportation: In Izmir where security measures are kept at the highest level after the recent terrorist attacks, X-Ray period started in rail systems with the instructions of the governor.

After the recent incidents of terrorism, the Governorate of Izmir acted and instructed to take security measures by putting X-Ray devices in rail system stations. Following this instruction, X-Ray devices were installed in İZBAN stations. It is stated that every 38 station of İZBAN, which is preferred by tens of thousands of citizens every day, X-Ray devices will be put in place. Karşıyaka and Gaziemir. It will be learned that the new X-Ray devices that will minimize any security weakness and terrorism will be placed in all stops in the coming days.

Two women had made the terrorist discovery
On the other hand, two female terrorists who were educated in Syria and were in the preparation of bombing action in İzmir, made discoveries for the action in the important points of İzmir and were caught in an operation organized by the Izmir Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Branch in the operation held at İzmir Bus Terminal.


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