Tram torture does not stop in Izmir

İzmirde tram torture does not end there: tram construction works lasted for months in Izmir, Turkey's rebellion brought the case to be living in the third-largest city. Traffic was unbearable due to tramway works parallel to the metro route.

The trucks and small vehicles that have come to the port for months of work in Alsancak Şehitler Street are intertwined in traffic, and it is becoming more and more confused. When the region tradesmen are crying out of their nose because of unclear works, they resist to not shut the shutters, but they do not know how long they can resist. The ideals of the tram line project that passes through Şehitler Street, which is already narrow enough and has a single vehicle arrival, is increasing every day.

Already the region has experienced a complete traffic chaos of Turkey's most important export-import from the harbor to host one of the Alsancak Port, which is sowing chaos of salt and pepper on it. In the region where the trucks and trucks that will use the TIR parks on the side streets make it impossible to pass through the narrow streets, the tramway works, which are not seen yet, are tired of the public.

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