Topbaş, İstanbul Bike to reach the destination with a thousand kilometer rail system

Topbas, Destination Thousand Kilometer Rail System Access to Istanbul: TRANSIST 2016 President Kadir Topbas speaking, 44 mile 150 89 XNUMX kilometers and they are taking the XNUMX kilometer metro construction continues, stating, "Access center for rail, quality, comfortable safe and we are creating a fast transportation infrastructure. Our goal is to reach a thousand kilometer rail system in Istanbul and solve the problem completely. Hedef

TRANSİST 2016 International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, 9 under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. once opened its doors to visitors. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Mayor of Gaziantep Municipality Fatma Şahin and all the companies, municipalities and municipal affiliates, infrastructure and planning firms, public institutions and universities. representatives have joined.

Speaking at the opening, President Kadir Topbaş stated that the cities are getting more intense and that the world population in 2050 will exceed 9 billion and the use of technology facilities in public transportation is very important in order to make city life more regular and high quality.

Kadir Topbaş pointed out that the most important issue for the sustainable development of cities is transportation and access, and when they took office at 2004, the daily mobility of Istanbul, which is the 11 million, reached 30 million with the development of public transportation. Topbas, said;

Or The measure of a city's civilization is directly proportional to the proportion of people in that city using public transport. The daily mobility in Istanbul will find the 45-50 millions with the further development of public transport. For this reason, we know that the system and infrastructure should be set up very accurately. We carry out our investments and services in cooperation with other public institutions and non-governmental organizations without demonstrating corporate governance. Ve

After taking office, they explained that they made the Master Plan of Transportation with the Environmental Plan of Istanbul and that these plans were the road maps. Mayor Topbaş stated that the Istanbulites created a high quality, comfortable, safe and fast transportation infrastructure in order to enable them to use public transportation more. Topbaş said that they closely follow the technology in every field and continued his words as follows:

Uz Trying to improve, wherever it is, even more. Despite the large increase in population and vehicles, the daily traffic to stay in Istanbul 8-9 minutes went down further. We allocate the biggest share in our investments to transportation and rail systems in transportation. In IMM we invested 12 billion in 98 annually. We used the 44.4 billion in transportation investments. We are the only municipality in the world that makes metro with its own resources. And now thanks to the Minister of Transportation and the Prime Minister, he also supports us in the construction of the subway. When we took office, we brought 44 to the rail systems 150 kilometers including suburban lines and nostalgic tram. Construction of the 89 kilometer metro continues. There are lines to the tender stage. Our ultimate goal is to bring Istanbul to a thousand-kilometer rail network. With the construction of the planned lines, Istanbul will be the city with the longest rail systems in the world. Plan

Topbaş said that they have moved to a single ticket system in each vehicle, they have increased the number of buses and modernized them, they have made great investments in many areas such as sea transportation, road tunnel construction, etc. al I wanted him to develop a system that saw people with disabilities and disadvantaged persons. We want to get public transportation both comfortable and faster. We take the environmental electric buses into operation especially in the Historic Peninsula. We're currently working to make the 93 Mileage 17 new highway tunnel more, yeni he said.

Stating that they are planning an 1052 mileage road in Istanbul and that they will complete the 90 mileage up to 2019 and they will complete the 300 mileage up to 2016, Topbas added that they pay much attention to the TRANSIST XNUMX Fair because of the transfer of knowledge and experience and new ideas.


TRANSİST 2016 is an important platform for new products and technologies in transportation sector by preparing the ında 4T deki theme in the TRANS Future of Public Transport hazırlan, Traffic, Timing, Transform and Technology. Current topics are aimed at providing sustainable information exchange between visitors, local governments and sector representatives.

In the Congress; 'Traffic Management and Efficiency in Urban Transportation Akıllı, ak Time Management in Transportation in Mega Cities and Data-Oriented Innovation Mega,, How Smart Technologies Will Change Transportation Preferences' and ler Transformation in Transportation for Sustainable Cities Ulaşım under the 4 panel. The congress aims to bring different perspectives to the problems of the public transportation sector.

10.000 more than 100 square meters in the company's stand will establish a fair 3 days. Last year, 23 became even more interested in the Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, where more than 5000 from different countries participated.

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