thyssenkrupp SEED Campus - Training Center Opened

📩 16/12/2018 15:05

thyssenkrupp SEED Campus - Training Center Opened: As of the end of 2016, thyssenkrupp opened a new training center in Ataşehir, Istanbul.

In addition to the company's in-house trainings, the center carries an information and training mission about elevator technologies.

In December, thyssenkrupp 5 opened a new training center called SEED Campus in Ataşehir. At the same time, the new office building with thyssenkrupp Asian Office is located. Storage and spare parts areas are also located in this building. Training sessions will be held throughout the year, simulators will be tested and sectoral meetings will be held about elevator technologies.

thyssenkrupp Elevator will carry out its activities to train educated human resources with the training center in Istanbul. In this fully-equipped center, the training needs of white and blue-collar thyssenkrupp employees and business partners will be fully met, helping them to develop their skills and expertise.

. With the technical and vocational trainings, we are also planning trainings on management skills for our white-collar employees and managers. Orientation trainings of the new participants and work safety and health programs are also in the plan. We will inform both our technicians and our business partners about the products of thyssenkrupp Asansör with the trainings that will take place on a weekly basis. Both the legal regulations and the global standards of our company require the training needs of our business partners to be met in the best way possible. The training center, where elevator and escalator simulators will be located, will contribute to the development of our technicians' skills while reducing the installation time of our products. Asansör

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