Motorized Reciprocal Line Tender

Motorized Reciprocal Line Tender: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality public transport company MOTAŞ is holding a tender for 8 vehicles which will work in line.

In order to increase the comfort in public transportation, and to organize the transportation to reach the point where the passengers want to reach in a shorter time, we have completed the tender preparations for the rental of the line based on share sharing with the aim of meeting the public transportation needs within the framework of a system by means of 8 buses within the boundaries of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.

Our General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, 24 January 14 00 8 in the meeting hall will be held at the headquarters of the tender to be held on the 8 bus lines will be given to the tenderers in the description of the statement said: Every bidder can do this job by offering 1 bus with 8 bus on these rotating lines bu


Our General Manager stated that they had previously allocated some routes to private public buses through tenders. Ini While carrying out public transportation services in accordance with the people of Malatya, we aim to raise our service bar with newer, more comfortable vehicles. In the new year, we make a rental line rental for 8 vehicles in order to make our passengers more comfortable and more comfortable. Tenderers who will enter the tender will be able to get their tender documents by contacting the administrative building of our company located at Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Mahallesi City Cemetery Caddesi Yesilyurt / Malatya.

In the 2016, we are aiming to bring fresh power to our vehicle fleet with new vehicles and teams as a result of the tender we will make in 2017 year after the innovations we have made in various areas. As a result of our tender, we will rejuvenate the average age of our vehicles and enter into a more dynamic and more devoted work.

In 2017, we will also reduce the public transportation problem of Malatya with the trambuses we will add to our fleet, fil he said.



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