Fetöden Arrested TCDD Employee Trials Started

Start Trial of the employees have been arrested TCDD from Feton: Feton in Eskisehir / PCM was arrested under investigation in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) officials began the trial of three defendants.

The trial of 15 defendants, 2 of whom were arrested within the scope of the investigation launched after the July 3 coup attempt, started at the Eskişehir 2nd High Criminal Court. Detained defendants, relatives and lawyers attended the hearing. The engineer AK, who made a statement at the hearing, stated that he had testified before in the police and the prosecution, “I repeat the previous statements. I do not accept the charges against me. The state raised me. I grew up in the orphanage. I became a member of institutions accepted by the state. Material evidence of crimes has not been established. Even though I did not participate in the coup, I did not understand that it was included in the indictment. I am from Mardin. My family is protective. We have killed many martyrs. We are faced with the threat of the PKK. The bones of many of my family are whining with my martyred father and two uncles. Since I was a member of the union, I was shown as a terrorist organization. Being a member of unions and associations has been encouraged by the state. It is not possible to describe this as a crime. It is the proof that the association or the union committed a crime. The membership fee was paid by the government. Therefore, the state cannot question the crime it committed. Investing money in banks is not a crime. The state supported this bank. The bank continued on the dates I deposited. If the state had seen a crime, it would have stopped its activities at that time. It is obvious that the bank did not have any organizational activity until the transfer to the SDIF. I have not only my current account but also gold and stock account in the bank. I have been under arrest for 127 days. I demand my release, ”he said.

The HY, which is claimed to be the 'Brother' of TCDD, said in his statement;

“I'm not good with technology. I heard the name of the Bylock program for the first time in the query. Neither me nor my family used this program. Regarding the union, I have been a member of different unions throughout my working life. I left the union in May 2016. I have not received a warning about the union. It is impossible for me to know that the state does not know. We did not have a meeting. We were already 3 people. I was the last member. They asked me to head the chair because of their busy schedule. We had two meetings. The said association is a legally established association. We were fulfilling the articles specified in the charter of our association. The association was closed due to financial difficulties. I have an account with Bank Asya since 1996. Money transaction to the bank is a banking activity. It is not forgiveness. It was an interest-free banking. That's why I chose it. My account movements were higher before 2012. I did not hear FETÖ's order to deposit money in December 2013. I am not the brother of TCDD and other institutions. I did not contribute in any way under the name of himmet or scholarship. I was at home on July 15. Although there is no weapon, I am associated with the terrorist organization. I have been under arrest for about 4 months. The prisoner is not a precaution but a punishment given to me and my family. My economic victimization is increasing. I demand my release. ”

The profession teacher MA stated that he did not accept the accusations and said “What is claimed as evidence is union membership. Unionization is a right. I was a member of other unions before. I became aware of the union with the articles I received and became a member. My union membership was encouraged by paying my dues by the state. I resigned from the union at the end of June 2016. I did not know that he had a connection with FETÖ. I opened an account with Bank Asya in 2014. My aim here is to be interest free. It is 6 thousand liras among my own accounts. I thought that if these banks and associations were a crime, the state would close them. I did not stay in their dormitories or homes. SohbetI did not participate. I let go of the real gun, I didn't buy a toy gun. I am not guilty, I want my release ”.

The court adjourned the hearing to a further date in order to wait for the missing documents and to hear the witness.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:06

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