Confluence at Metrobus Overpass

Istanbul Metrobus Stations
Istanbul Metrobus Stations

Confluence at the metrobus overpass: Citizens rebelled at the metrobus stop in Istanbul Yenibosna due to the intensity experienced every evening. There were dangerous moments when citizens escaping from the stampede wanted to land on the E-5 and cross the road.

Citizens using the metrobus for transportation in Istanbul are rebelling due to the stampede on the overpass in Yenibosna. Citizens who get off at the stop due to the intensity usually experienced during rush hour wait minutes to cross the overpass. Some citizens are trying to cross the E-5 highway, putting their lives at risk.

These moments were recorded by a citizen by cell phone in seconds. Citizens in the images coming down from the metrobus. While there is an intense confluence in the upper passage, citizens have difficulty in taking steps. Some citizens use the E-5 highway to cross the road. Citizens who rebelled against the situation want to find a solution to this issue by saying that they suffer from this torment every evening.

Günceleme: 20/12/2020 12:25

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