Private Public Bus Card System Closed In Bursa

Special Public Bus Card System in Bursa Close: Bursa, the 10 number one fat burned by the environment, famous for the rude behavior of the passengers and frequent public buses, the new scandal from public buses! Due to the problems with the card system BURULAŞ suspend the green buses suspended in accordance with the agreements "This tool is valid" wrote typing systems closed. Bursalilar who received monthly subscription card from BURULAŞ was being victimized and citizens called Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe.

Private public buses in Bursa did not recognize the law again!

10 number one burned by burning the environment and the drivers of the environment is famous for the rough behavior of the passengers often come to the agenda of the private public buses have signed a new scandal!

Due to the disagreement with BURULAŞ, the green buses, which have suspended the card system, have closed their systems by writing mal Money in this vehicle anlaş.

2 pounds 50 penny charge is required for boarding passengers ard

Bursalilar who received monthly subscription card from BURULAŞ was being victimized and citizens called Mayor Recep Altepe and BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy.

Here's the article that hangs over the validator atör

Today in Bursa, the reporter, halk 42 a special public bus card system shut down. They don't accept people's subscription cards! This is a bandit. Recep Altepe eye to this disgrace and should immediately abolish these vehicles from the traffic by fulfilling the requirements et explained the citizens wanted to eliminate the victimization as soon as possible.

Another passenger who is the victim of a private public bus told the reporter in Bursa that as the driver gave them alms “Look, we take less of your advantage ise.

In the meantime, private public bus operators who do not know the law of the 65 over the age of citizens also took their right to free transportation. Green buses also began to charge passengers over the age of 65!

Here is one of the vehicles demanding fare from passengers by ignoring subscriber cards. 16 M 237 plate bus passengers also learned that the charge.


On the other hand, in the social media, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'nin months ago announced that the private public bus drivers will not be renewed from the traffic, but in spite of this did not fulfill the promise of reminding araç If necessary Ankara now, this ordeal done, med they commented.

Recep Altepe, private public bus operators until the date of February 1 2016 had been recognized epe

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, despite the expiration of the period of 20 private vehicles for the day did not renew their public busers last 1 reported that they gave up until February. 20 January 2016 President Altepe, indicating that the last notification was made to private public bus drivers, said: ç If the vehicles are not renewed, we will block them from traffic X X


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