Balçova Teleferikte Snow Pleasure

Karçova Teleferikte Snow Enjoyment: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Balçova Teleferik Facility witnessed a rare event in the city. With the fall of the first snow of the year, the people of Izmir who wanted to turn the white cloth into the entertainment, took the breath at Teleferik. Regardless of the cold air flocking to the facilities at the top of the numerous Izmir people, rarely experienced this natural phenomenon encountered. Families seeking snowballing and snowball playing created colorful images at the cable car.

Enjoying both snow and landscape
Ezgi Worldman, who said that the first choice of the ropeway was because he did not take snow in the city center, said: For the first time I saw such intense snow. Hem I now enjoy both the scenery and the snow here, Şimdi he said.

Burak Filiz, friend Taylan Sadan and Caner Sekitmen said, “We came here to enjoy the snow and there are also many people who want to see the first snow of the year as we are. We enjoy both the view and the snow in such a beautiful city. Böyle

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:56

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