Scorer Wanted To Get Free On Metro In Bursa

Beleşcilar who wanted to get on the subway free of charge in Bursa were terrified: In Bursa, two city magadas beat the security guard who did not allow free passes in the subway.

The event took place at Gökdere Metro Station. Orhan Atmaca, who worked as a private security officer, said that this move to Adil K. and Enes D, passing free of charge at the Gökdere Metro station in Osmangazi District at 23:55 at night, is prohibited. The two young men who attacked the security guard who warned them shot the security guard from their hands until they passed out to the head. The attackers, who were not content with that, kicked the security guard for minutes. The assailants who beat the security officer to death killed him as the security guard passed out, believing that he died and escaped from the scene. These horror moments were reflected in the metro's security cameras in seconds.

The security guard, who fainted with the fatal blows he received, was sent to the nearest hospital by the first aid teams. Orhan Atmaca, who complained from both individuals, rebelled after Adil K, one of the attackers who attacked him, was released from the simple crime of injury and Enes Demir could not be caught.

Private security officer Orhan Atmaca said, “Two people walked towards the turnstiles and read the card. When there were no fees on their floors, they passed the edge of the turnstile without asking anything. I warned that they could not pass themselves this way. They attacked me after this stimulation. They took the baton in my hand and hit me over and over again. I remember 15 times being hit with a baton on my head. My face has become unrecognizable. I suffered financially and morally. After the incident, I got the report of 20 days of no work. One of the people who attacked me was released from the simple crime of injury. The other is still not found. I found the home and workplace address of the missing person with my own means and delivered them to the police station. Right now the lawsuit is ongoing. After me they injured another friend with a knife and my psychology broke down after these events. He said that I resigned from the duty I had done.

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