Samsun Tramways Safety for Women

Samsun Kadin Vatman
Samsun Kadin Vatman

Samsun Tramways Women's Safety: 350 passenger trams in Samsun were entrusted to the 16 female citizens. 2 will be increased by the number of female patriots who will be supported by applause.

Light rail system in Samsun, 56 ton, 40 meters long, 350 passenger trams, were entrusted to women. 16 female homeland as the New Year's number 32'ye will serve. 1 years, Vatman, the main profession chemist Gizem Bay, stating that they are of great interest to some people applauded when they see women's support, he said.

10 female and 2010 male car (driver of the tram) are working in light rail system built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and put into service at 16 October 43. Turkey at the end of this month will be completed by the end of the course organized under the Employment Agency's job training programs will be raised to 32 the number of women motorman. The education of new women to be received has come to an end. 31 At the end of the course to be completed by the end of the written and applied exam to be hired women will be determined. 56 ton, 40 meter long, 350 passenger capacity of the use of trams women are surprised. The 36 tram is located on the 23 tram.

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Light Rail System operating Samulaş (Samsun Project Transportation Construction Investment Industry and Trade Co.) Operation Manager Sevilay Germi, especially in women on the issue of homeland is a great interest, said:

M About the 200 women applied at the interview stage for our last course. Women in our city, especially to have a great interest in the homeland. We also aim to increase the number of female homeland. It is important for women to use tramway as well as traffic, point of view and human relations. At the same time, we have shown that women can be successful in driving. We get positive feedbacks. It's a good situation for Samsun to see women as a motherland. Bayan

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