Samsun Tekkeköy-Gar Tram Line

Samsun Tekkeköy-Gar Tram Line Defective: Traffic accidents are the leading causes of death in our country. Traffic accidents have occurred on highways and tram accidents have started to increase. In the last 3 month in Samsun, 2 accident happened on the tram route and the life of 2 ended.

After the death of a young man in the accident in September, 29 was hit by the tramway öl Tekkeköy Samsun coded in the 75-year-old Muhammet Tufek, which was moving from the rail system route to the station in Tekkeköy district of Samsun on Tuesday (November).

President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents Kavuran, lost the life of a citizen on the tram line defect in the Rail Operation, stating that, Tekekköy-Gar between the pedestrian safety service was opened, he said.

Traffic Accident Prevention Association Samsun Branch President Ahmet Dursun Kavuran stated that 6 people died under the tram in the Samsun Rail System, which has been serving Samsun for 3 years.

Reminding that the Rail System started to serve between Gar-Tekkeköy with the newly opened route while serving between OMU-Gar, Kavuran The necessary security measures for the tram on this system were taken with the tests carried out. However, the same cannot be said for pedestrians. There is no overpass between Tekkeköy and Gar, where enough pedestrians will pass. 75-year-old Muhammet Tüfek who wanted to cross the road in Tekkeköy died under the tram and died. The reason for this is that the Rail System is defective.

Kavuran continued as follows; ”Previously, a woman citizen in Atakum and a younger brother in İlkadım had a terrible death under the tram. When we look at the way accidents occur, we see that accidents occur in the city's busy points and places without overpasses. After the fatal accident in Atakum, Rail System overpasses were built, he said.

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