Railway Mosque Condemns Terror

Railway Mosque Condemned Terror: Representatives of the institutions and organizations working in the railway sector in Sivas and union representatives, 10 condemned the treacherous terrorist attack on our security forces and civilians in Istanbul Beşiktaş on Saturday evening.

TUDEMSAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan made a press statement on behalf of the institutions and organizations operating in the railway sector, said. Or 10 We strongly condemn this abhorrent attack on our security forces and civilians in Istanbul Beşiktaş on Saturday evening.

No matter which terrorist organization, those who make this attack will know that the unity and solidarity of our cherished nation will not be distorted but will be strengthened.

It should not be forgotten; Terrorism will never be delivered to Turkey and the saints will not receive years of our nation. Because the ancient people with an ancient history, the glorious history of the many obstacles in front of the unity and solidarity, while maintaining the common mind and consciousness has eliminated.

Our nation, unity and solidarity, together more than ever will interlock with each other will give the best response to the traitors.

attempting to interfere with Turkey's peace and stable increase in the powers of evil, but not successful, continue to play on our nation. However, even in the hardest and darkest days as a nation, we have always emerged as a union. Inside and outside stubbornness to terrorist groups and supporters, Turkey will be dragged into chaos country. Our nation is always ready for all kinds of sacrifices when it comes to homeland.

For the sake of our state and peace of our cherished nation, as the railway community, we stand by the end of our security forces and martyr families in the fight against terrorism. This terrorist attack as a result of the martyrs of our cops and citizens of God Almighty, we wish our people a speedy recovery. Thanks to the head of our nation. Mill

General Director of Tudemsas General Directorate of Tudemsas Yildiray Kocarslan, Director of Concrete Traves Factory Ali Karabey, Demiryol Başkanis Trade Union Sivas Branch President Murat Kutuk, Turkish Transportation Sen Sivas Branch President Nurullah Albayrak, Transport Officer MüdürSen Sivas Branch President Omer Vatankulu, Deputy General Managers , Department Heads, Factory Managers, Trade Unions board members, Workers and civil servant staff attended.

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