Ak Parti and Railways become State Policy

Together with the State Railways AK Party Policy Become Arrived: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "railways with the AK Party has become state policy. 10 thousand 950 kilometer rail network 12 bin 532 was increased to kilometers. 2 thousand 449 5 8 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX with the length of the signal line was removed.

Minister of Transport Arslan, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Information Technology about the institution made a statement to deputies. 308 700 million billion pounds Minister Arslan said they have invested, transport and stated that the information and communication sector came to xnumx'y yüzdexnumx the ratio of the gross national product. Arslan, 13.7 a thousand dollars a year spent on the road, stating that, as of today, 14.7 thousand kilometers passed. Arslan, "ride on motorways 196-kilometer network, he had come to 25 thousand 714 kilometers, currently 2 kilometer construction work continues and thousands 489 Canakkale Bridge Malkara'da until 631 kilometers, Menemen-Aliaga-Çandarlı 1915 kilometers," he said.

Minister Arslan, the Eurasia tunnel 20 will open in December, said: Bakan The world will be the deepest tunnel. A tunnel that connects the two continents, where the 120 car will pass through the day. Ovit saw the light, Zigana started, Ilgaz is close to opening, we will open soon. Of course, when you give guarantees, you will trust your project. You'll build the traffic with the motorway finished when I'm done. Ot

Minister Arslan said that 55 billion investments were made to the railways. Yapıl Railways became the state policy with AK Party. 10 thousand 950 kilometer rail network 12 bin 532 was increased to kilometers. 2 449 thousand kilometers while the length of the signal line 5 8 thousand miles an off, continuing studies at the moment 2 889 thousand kilometers. The railway from Edirne to Kars is the backbone of our country. We are offended by what we call the right one for geography, it is uncomfortable for Istanbul-Izmir highway, Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and connecting roads have been're done. Construction works continue on 3 thousand 387 kilometers in railways. X

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