Problem solving in Uludağ

📩 24/11/2018 16:54

Uludağda parking problem solved: Although Turkey's most important winter tourism center, especially in the ski season, a major traffic in Uludag has experienced confusion because parking is not available, the brighter the problem of Bursa Metropolitan solved by the Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality by 1. and 2. A total of one thousand 400 vehicle capacity 3 car parked in the Hotels Zone will clear the parking lot before and in front of the hotel. President Altepe, the hotel will only be allowed to do the landed cars and all the vehicles will be directed to the car park, so that the traffic chaos in Uludag will be prevented, he said.

Bursa is one of the most important natural values ​​of Bursa, not only in the winter season, but the year 12 month to serve the tourism infrastructure, transportation terraces, sports areas in all areas of major investments in the Metropolitan Municipality, especially during the ski season, the problem of parking has resolved. Due to the lack of parking, holidaymakers parked their vehicles in front of the hotel and on the street prevented the citizens wanting to ski on the road and on the one hand caused unclear image pollution. To solve this problem, press the button Metropolitan Municipality, 2. Opposite the cable car station in the area, 800 has a car park, 400 car in the area next to the Hotel Mosque and Xcarini Hotel on the Alkoclar Hotel. While these areas are arranged as parking lots, it will not be allowed to park in front of the hotel and on the street with these parking areas to be operated by BURBAK.

Loss of prestige
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Metropolitan Municipality with bureaucrats and Burbak managers in the parking areas to be put into service this season. President Altepe reminded that the traffic and parking complexity suffered lost the prestige of Uludağ and said, ın We are working towards the fact that Uludağ is a tourism region. One of the most important problems of the region is the lack of parking. Since there was not enough space, the hotel was having problems with the parking lot in front of them. Therefore, Uludağ is losing value and prestige. We have accelerated efforts to make Uludağ become a center of attraction again in cooperation with our Metropolitan Municipality and all our institutions with the initiatives of our Governor. We have organized certain areas urgently. 800 will be able to park in front of the cable car station in the second region. The area next to the mosque in the First Zone was arranged to park the 400 vehicle. At the top of the first zone, we have a parking lot on the Xinx in the Alkoçlar Hotel. Parking lots will be operated by Burbak. So parking will be forbidden in front of hotels. Only the vehicles that will land on the indi, will be parked in the car parks. Thus, an order will be introduced to the problem of parking sorun.