Osmaniye - Zorkun Teleferic Project

Osmaniye - Zorkun Teleferic Project Goes to Life: The Teleferic Project, which is one of the biggest dreams of Osmaniye, comes to life.

In the November session of the Osmaniye Provincial Assembly, it was unanimously decided to submit the DFD Project to the Doga Valley for the feasibility of the cable car system in Karaçay Valley and to provide co-financing for the project.

The ulan Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility of the Osmaniye Karaçay Ropeway System dar project submitted to the DOĞAKA Direct Operating Financial Support Program by the Osmaniye Special Provincial Administration was successful.

Within the scope of the project to be co-financed jointly by Osmaniye Provincial Administration and DOĞAKA, alternative routes will be determined, then station locations on the route will be determined and geological survey studies will be carried out in these places.

In order to enrich the tourism potential of the Eastern Mediterranean Region with various infrastructure works and facilities within the scope of the Osmaniye Karaçay Ropeway System Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility Project aç Technical and Financial Feasibility of the Osmaniye Ropeway, which is planned to be built, will be prepared.

We would like to thank to Mr. Kerem Al, who took our first step in gaining the cable car project in Osmaniye, and our Provincial General Assembly Members and DOĞAKA who unanimously decided.

Source : http://www.basakgazetesi.com