Orhangazi-Bursa minibuses renewed

Orhangazi-Bursa minibuses were renewed: Orhangazi organized a ceremony for the launch of the new minibuses 19, which was bought by Orhangazi Minibuses Cooperative, which will carry passengers together with BURULAŞ. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, Mayor Neşet Çağlayan, AK Party district chair Mustafa Kaya, Metropolitan Municipality Coordinator İsmail Özbey, Bursa Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans President Arif Tak, Bursa Chamber of Drivers President Hasan Topçu and many political party representatives and was held with the participation of the guests.

Davut Zengin, the President of the Cooperative of Davut Zengin, made the opening speech of the ceremony held in the Terminal Closed area because of the snowfall and thanked the supporters of BURULAŞ and Orhangazi Mayor Neşet Çağlayan. Arif Tak, the president of the Association of Tradesmen Chambers of Bursa who came to the stand later, stated that it is important that the artisans develop themselves and serve with new vehicle fleets. Stating that transportation has become safer in recent years, Arif Tak said thank you to those who contributed to this development. BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, Orhangazi congratulate the minibus, renewed themselves and brought the vehicle to a certain level. At this point, Yeniköy minibuses in Orhangazi are also in a study. He said the same development is expected from the city minibusers.


Caglayan, BURULAS, Orhangazi are very interested in indicating that it is very important for our people to travel more comfortably and to meet the needs of our disabled people. Both the launch of ferry services between iznikj, modernization of transportation services here as well as arrangements for transportation from our neighborhoods increase the comfort of our people transportation. There are also missing but they will be solved by hand. I said to my minibus tradesman I wish plenty of earnings. After the speeches Orhangazi Minibus Cooperative President Caglayan, Burcu General Manager Levent Fidansoy, Mayor Recep Altepe and other people who have contributed to the people and organizations presented a plaque. The program was completed with the sacrifice of the sacrifice under the snow and the praying of the opening ribbon.

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