Istanbulkartta new application starts at 2017

New application at Istanbulkart starts in 2017: End of card diversity in Istanbul. With the report approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, it was decided to transform Istanbulkart into an electronic money card. With the decision that will affect the daily life of Istanbul residents, Istanbul cards, which citizens can not separate after their identities, will turn into electronic money cards. With the application to be implemented in 2017, travel card and shopping card will be combined, and all credit cards will be integrated into the system.

Istanbulkart is experiencing a great transformation in the new year, bringing travel and shopping together in a single card. With new applications that can be downloaded from the IOS and Play market, the period of loading Istanbulkart from mobile is beginning. Coordination of the Parakart system Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. to be provided by. The company, which will carry out some sort of banking activity, will work as an autonomous institution affiliated with the Central Bank.

By creating an account with the application, it can be loaded either from a fixed filling device or from a mobile phone. Cards belonging to different banks can also be combined in this account. A card reader will be placed on the existing pos devices to be compatible with Istanbulkart.

In this way, parents will be able to load their children's pocket money on Istanbulkart. On the other hand, bills such as electricity, water, natural gas and telephone can be paid with Istanbulkart. The application, which will have 5 language features, will be easily used by foreigners. Parking fee will also be paid with Istanbulkart.

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