MOTAŞ Drivers Made a Support Visit to Riot Force

MOTAŞ Drivers Visited Support to Agile Force: Our drivers visited Malatya Agile Force Directorate within the scope of 'I Am With My Police'

Expressing their support to the police officers during the visit, MOTAŞ drivers expressed their condolences due to the police who lost their lives in the treacherous attack in Beşiktaş, Istanbul.

Expressing their feelings at the visit, the drivers said that their pain was great and that they left deep marks in the hearts of every lost soul and gave a message of unity and solidarity. D The day is this day, arı he said, emphasizing that all the institutions and organizations of the country should stand against the traitors as a whole. Stating that a nurse who treated policemen who had been injured in a treacherous attack in Beşiktaş, who was watching over social media, conveyed their feelings, said that the writing was very touching; Er our policeman, our soldier prioritizes his friend's health before his own health. He puts the lives of his people in the center. Emotional expressions of the nurse in question, as follows: '' 26 's leg and ribs broken at the age of the last night, burned his body and a police officer who smells of gunpowder, Nurse lady I have a lot of pain, I can't stand shout; rahatsız I'm very uncomfortable with other patients, diğer he said. Even then, he was still thinking of other people.

Occasionally he was asking his friends and the number of martyrs. He didn't rebel, didn't want special attention, he just slept in what we said.

These expressions of our nurse brother were very touching. Here is our heroic police and approach to people İşte.

Lokman Ünal, the Malatya Police Force Branch Manager, who received the MOTAŞ drivers, used a single phrase in which he installed his feelings; He said 'get home right.'

Mass photos were taken after the Quran and prayers for the police who were martyred in the treacherous attack in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. Later, the condolences of the martyrs of Malatya who passed away in the treacherous attack were passed on.

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