Manisada train crash 1 person died in disastrous way

1 person died in a train accident in Manisa: A tragedy occurred in the Salihli District, 32527 times, when the Alaşehir Regional Train set out to go to Alaşehir.

The incident occurred yesterday at the Salihli Train Station at 20.00 ranks. Izmir-Uşak voyage 32527 expedition Alaşehir Regional Sergeant Sergei expert who attempted to take the passenger train, the balance of the balance fell and fell. Under the moving train, Baran lost his life. The funeral of 1.5-yearly expert sergeant Engin Baran, who was working at Kars Provincial Gendarmerie Command, was taken to Salihli State Hospital for an autopsy.

According to eyewitness information, the body of the person who died was divided into two.

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