Malatya Metropolitan 10 is now at Trambus

Malatya Metropolitan 10 Trambus is taking more: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, each of the 760 thousand euros (2 million 810 thousand TL) 10 pieces of trambus is still getting and with the increase in the monetary cost exchange rate is increasing day by day.

Even though Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is a controversial project in all aspects of the tender process, production stage, trial process and the law as a vehicle, the trambus, known as the municipality administrators, buys 22 pieces from the trolleybuses. For the trolleybuses, each of which is 2013 thousand Euro, a total of approximately 10 million TL (760 trillion TL) will be generated from the case of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the metropolitan cities in the last century troleybüslerinde trash was removed and the trolley today's version of the vehicles called a total of 7 million 600 thousand euros in exchange for the 10 units learned more. The Turkish Lira equivalent of the money to be paid for trolleybuses, as the exchange rates are increasing rapidly, as of this week, the 28 million TL is found this week and this figure will increase with the increase in foreign exchange.

New ones will be better than the first ones!
In the information provided by the Metropolitan Municipality on the purchase of trolleybus (Trambus), the process for the supplementation of 10 vehicles to the trolleybus system started in order to meet the increasing passenger demand and the production of the vehicles was reported. It was also noted that some technical improvements and modifications would be made in the new tools and the following information was given on these technical changes:

Bes Diesel generator is used as an auxiliary system to be used in case of power outage, and the 100 kw battery system, which is completely powered by the electrical system, is integrated in the new vehicles. This system can take at least 15 km of tap capacity. The battery charging process is designed to be charged at the stationary charging station in the trolley (trolleybus) storage area as well as charging the line along the line by adding a catenary charge module to the vehicle.

The drive motor has been upgraded to 485 Hp, while 700 Hp has been used in old vehicles to reduce acceleration and therefore increase operating time in new vehicles.

The battery and battery management system to be used in new vehicles are produced by 100 domestic companies. Therefore, the rate of domestic production in new vehicles has increased. Bu

51 thousand euros per trolleybus will be paid more
In the statement of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which stated that the new trambuses 2017 will start their deliveries in February, due to the modernization and changes to be made in the vehicles, 51 thousand Euro per trambus is paid more and this time the price of the trambuses which are taken to 709 thousand Euro each time 760 thousand Euro It is expressed as rising.

The whole 10 package will be delivered until June 2017.




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